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Name: Laurell K. Hamilton
Also Known As:
Occupation: Writer
Medium: Novels
Works: The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series; the Merry Gentry series
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Laurell K. Hamilton (LKH) is the author of the popular urban (erotic) fantasy Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and Merry Gentry series.

LKH's relationship with her fandom is fraught. While LKH has many staunch supporters, the shift in her novels--especially Anita Blake--from urban fantasy/horror into softcore porn created a strong backlash against LKH's writing, and against her personally.

LKH and her supporters (sometimes called troos) -- husband Jon, and employee/friend Darla among them -- have lashed out at fans and anti-fans for their criticisms. In a post on her blog called, she addressed some of her more vocal critics. Below is an excerpt, see Dear Negative Reader for more.

Let this post also put to rest the idea that I don't know that a small minority, albeit a loud minority, hates my series. I've known that for awhile. Like the first time someone stood in line for hours at a signing, smiled at me, and had me sign the book, then said to my face, "I hated this book. I hate what you've done with the series." I blinked at them, and said something like, "Sorry to hear that." When I ask, "Why do you read the books then?" Answer, "I keep hoping they'll get good again." Jon and I have heard variations of this across the country from a maybe five people. But strangely, having someone say to your face, that they hate your books and at least twice, that they hate you stand out in our minds. Since I wouldn't stand in line for hours to tell someone I loved their work, the fact that people stand in line for hours to tell me they hate my work, just puzzles the hell out of me. I don't get it guys. I'm not going to get it. I finally realized that I'm not going to understand this noisy, unpleasant minority of my fans. Because you are fans. Only fans would spend this much time and energy on anything. It's a strange kind of fan, a negative fan, but you spend so much time and energy hating and complaining that some part of you must love the hate and complaining. It's the only explanation I've been able to come up with. But I don't really understand.

And if you don't think you are the minority, well, sorry, guys but you are. I have the sales figures to prove it. Each book’s sales are more than the last. The vast majority of people standing in line love the books, love the series, and tell us so. Some people even ask for more police procedural. I want more, too. If the person asks nicely, not rudely, or in that tone that seems to imply if I don't do what they want the series is doomed to failure, I listen. The arduer is a pain in my, and Anita's butt, too. But I believe in my world. I've done this major metaphysical event. I won't just 'fix it' because it's hard to write around. God, knows, sometimes it is. But the arduer is moving along. I've got my fix in mind, but it's logical, not something that's merely convenient, or because some people hate it. But the arduer is not going away. If that's what you guys are wanting, then it ain't happening. Leave now, because more arduer awaits. The arduer is evolving, as are Anita's powers, but I don't see the arduer going poof. [1]

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