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Name: Vidders Network
Owner/Maintainer: Vidder Admin also known as VidderKidder
Dates: 2010-present
Type: Video hosting service
Fandom: Multi-fandom
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. is a privately-owned site founded June 10, 2008 and operated within that hosts fandom vids made by users. It is a favourite of vidders since it allows for embeds of streaming versions of vids on blog posts, Ao3 as well as many other social networking features.

Vidders Network has a Livejournal account, a Twitter account, a Dreamwidth account and a Facebook account for ease of communication and access.


On April 15, 2010, Ning, the parent network of decided to move to a paid user only format.[1]

Vidders Network is the largest streaming vidding network online. Professors and students worldwide have used videos on the network for their academic research (based on member profile information). Many vidders have found it a haven for artistic expression. It is AO3 certified. It is an independently run, vidder-friendly network that caters to those who appreciate the artistry and fandom of Vidding as transformative media.

Vidders Network uses an expanded tagging system to organize vids by Vidder, TV fandom, Movie fandom, Anime fandom, Non-Anime Animation, Genre, Character, Ship, Gaming, Stars, Year (for movies pre 2000), and Musical Artist, allowing for less error while searching for particular vids. As of September, 2014, there are 1120 individual vid tags in active use on Vidders Network.

Vidders Network has a Blacklist, comprised of known fandom/vid thieves banned from the site.

Historical Context

The re-imagined Vidders Network started out as Bamvidvault in February 2009. In July 2010, hosting site Ning went from free to paid. The original creators of BAM Vid Vault contemplated shutting down the entire network, which at the time had about 14,000 members and over 19,000 videos. Has this occured, everything would have been deleted by Ning.

On July 20, 2010, Vidders Network and Bamvidvault merged [2], and the Admin staff of Vidders Network took over operations and maintenance of the merged site. The emergent site was named

Under new management and with the support of a few committed members of the community, money was raised to save and maintain the network. That was 4 years ago (2010). Since that time, an additional 4,000+ members have joined, including an Associate Curator of the Museum of the Moving Image [3] [4]who used Vidders Network as a resource to get in touch with some of those featured in the show.

New members continue to join each week.

Community Engagement

Vidders Network is funded by contributions from the fandom and vidding communities for upkeep, maintenance, and upgrading of the site. Feedback and discussion forums for site or membership news and issues are provided to every member for at-will usage. Members are encouraged to question Admins for resolution of any errors and to request/suggest new features, with a reasonable response time assured.

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