The TREK Fan's Handbook

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Title: TREK Fan's Handbook
Publisher: Pioneer Books
Editor(s): Jim Van Hise
Date(s): 1988, 1990, 1994, others?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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The TREK Fan's Handbook is a 109-page semi-pro resource to the show by Jim Van Hise. There are several editions. It includes listings of books, fanzines and collectibles.

From the book: "“A complete guide to the products, fan clubs and fan publications of STAR TREK. Addresses, membership information and other details are included. Includes a special chapter on the Star Trek Welcommittee. The guide for everyone who wants to become more involved in the fascinating world of Star Trek fandom.”

  • Introduction
  • A Brief History of Star Trek Fandom by Wendy Rathbone
  • The Star Trek Welcommittee
  • A Guide to Star Trek Fan Clubs
  • Books About Star Trek
  • A Guide to Star Trek Fan Fiction by Christopher Randolph
  • A Guide to Star Trek Fan Club Publications
  • The Star Trek Conventions
  • A Guide to Star Trek Merchandise