The Neofan's Guide to Star Trek Fandom

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Title: The Neofan's Guide to Star Trek Fandom
Publisher: Star Trek Welcommittee
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Size: it only cost a dollar in 1989, so it must be very small
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of the fifth printing in January 1997, art by Janet D'Airo
interior art by M.A. Smith from the first issue in 1989

The Neofan's Guide to Star Trek Fandom is a 12-page publication of the Star Trek Welcommittee. It contains information about Star Trek clubs, fanzines, and conventions and includes a glossary fo commonly used fan terms. It was distributed by Joan Marie Verba. First published in 1989, there were (as of January 1997), five printings.

Table of Contests of the Fifth Printing in 1997

  • What is Fandom? (2)
  • A Brief History of Star Trek Fandom (2)
  • Conventions (3)
  • Fanzines (4)
  • Clubs (4)
  • What to Keep in Mind When Writing a Letter (4)
  • The Internet (5)
  • For More Information (5)
  • Glossary (6)
  • The Neofan's Guide to Purchasing Fanzines (9)
  • To Those Who Wish to Write Star Trek Pro Novels (11)