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Are you looking for information about the Impala, the car featured in Supernatural?

Name: The Impala
Date(s): July 2007-June 2009
Archivist: Gater
Founder: the muppet
Type: vid archive
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: (offline), last archived snapshot of the website
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The Impala was a Supernatural Vidding Archive, run by Muppet and Gater, containing links to over 900 Supernatural fanvids (as of May 20, 2009). The site was founded on July 17, 2007 and folded sometime in 2009.

The vids were categorized under the following headings: character; the boys; wincest; drama/angst; action; humour; bad guys; season; episode and other

In addition to the main website and archive, the community had the Impala_kaz2y5 - an LJ support community for the website (also offline, but there is an archived version here). And lastly, the community maintained The Roadhouse - a forum for the website (offline, but a copy is archived here).