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You might be looking for Marvel Comics character that goes by Polaris, see Lorna Dane.
You also may be looking for the con Toronto Star Trek '76.

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Name: Polaris (previously Toronto Trek)
Dates: ~1987-present
Frequency: Annual
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: fan run
Focus: science fiction, fantasy
Organization: TCON Promotional Society
Founding Date:
URL: Polaris website
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Polaris is a Canadian science fiction/fantasy convention held in Toronto in July.

flyer for 1995, Toronto Trek #9
flyer for 1998

Began as "Toronto Trek Celebration" and "Toronto Trek"

It began in 1986 as a relaxacon was called "Toronto Trek Celebration." Two years later, in 1988, Toronto Trek Celebration #2 took place. In 1989 it dropped the word "Celebration" and became simply "Toronto Trek". For its twenty-first convention in 2007, the name was changed to "Polaris". At Polaris #26, held July 5–7, 2012, it was announced Polaris had come to an end and that a new convention would replace Polaris in 2013.

The organisers claim it is Canada's longest-running media fan event;[1] 2011 marked the convention's twenty-fifth year. There are plans for two conventions in 2013.[1]






1991: Con Reports

Did you ever have one of those summers? I go to see Star Trek V, and enjoy it; I go to TORONTO TREK CELEBRATION 3, and meet Mark Lenard, who assures us, "to the best of his knowledge," that the series of movies will continue -- he even mentioned that he himself expects to direct STAR TREK 28. And then Paramount decides that since THE FINAL FRONTIER took in "only" $50 million, that they are stopping production of all future movies?... Speaking of TT3, we managed to attract a turnout of over 1,000 people [due, no doubt, to the plug in the last issue of TREKisM]. It was held Aug. 11-13 and featured such highlights as the Toronto Trek players putting on "Trek: The First Regeneration," a musical that was hard to dear (due to the poor sound system), but was brilliantly written and well-received, even if you only heard half of it! The music was mostly early Culture Club, and we were roaring in the aisles whenPicard called Q a "comic, comic, comic, comic, comical alien"! Elliot Miller (told you I'd mention you) and I obviously could not see or do everything there (especially since I was also working for the Can), but things were surprisingly well run and organized. I did drop by the Video Room on occasion, for Star Trek Bloopers, both Classic and TNG (first season), the latter of which I had never seen before. Johnathan Frakes was a scream -- this will become another essential for any video party!) Certainly, there was an emphasis on Lenard videos (BALANCE OF TERROR, JOURNEY TO BABEL, HERE COME THE BRIDES, etc.) and the room was generally packed. Although I missed the speeches on the Saturday, I did manage to catch both his and author Vonda McIntyre's on Sunday -- and I must say the man has patience and wit to rival Job and Johnny (although most questions were intelligent, he sought to answer all politely, even coming up with a few jokes (eug. why did the Klingon bring 18 friends to the movies? the sign said 17 and under not admitted!). Of course, no Trek can would be complete without a trivia contest. Modesty prevents me from telling you the winner's name, and by what a landslide he won, to the loud chorus from the audience, all chanting, "Looooouu! Looooouuu!" (At least, that's what I think they were saying ....) [2]


Toronto Trek] VI - July 24–27

1992: Con Reports

A big con, with a huge klingon contingency. Hallmark was there showing their new Christmas ornament. The Franklin mint was there with their ST sculptures. The Team, Eh? ran the art show like pros. They used a new art procedure that involved registering all the information on forms as the art is unpacked. It was nice to know that all the information about return-mail checks, return addresses and hanging info was not lost in the rush to hang on Friday. The show did very nicely. Susan Van Camp and Heather Bruton both sold $200 pieces. 1 showed 18, and sold 8. Heather showed 18, and sold 14.[3]


This was the eight con. It was stressed that this was a fan-run con.

July 23-25, 1993 at the Regal Constellation Hotel.

Some guests were George Takei, Barbara Hambly, L.A.Graf, astronaut Ken Money, filker Joey Shoji, David Hutchinson (Starlog), SFX expert John Deall and our MC: Ricky Dick.

1993: Con Reports

Good attendance at the con means good exposure in the art show. They had some 3,000 people, and there was a constant stream of people going through the art show. The Team Eh? had no trouble, getting the art slats up, the art hung, and open to the public early. Suzzane and Sandi had good long-time help well trained and ready to pitch in. There were many neos at the convention. Many nice comments were heard on the classical well-worn picture ideas (and many of them sold with no trouble). Astronomicalswent well, as did ship pictures. The was also a vampire contingency that eagerly bought the Nick Night pictures (as the actors were at the con).

The show had some very nice art from Heather, Ruth, L.A., Barb Fister-Liltz, Susan. John Piatt, Blade and many more. One piece went for $360, and there were several sales over $100.[4]


1994: Con Reports

Toronto Trek is one of those increasingly rare things, a fan run Trek con. It pulls in a nice crowd, somewhere around four thousand (I don't have the final numbers). Lately it's

been expanding out past simply Trek and bringing in a variety of media guests and is plenty of fun. As usual the art show was fun by The Team Eh, Since I'm a member I really don't feel I can comment on how well the show was run expect to say that we didn't have any problems and things ran their usual smooth way, 'We're starting to get more of the US media artists sending to the show and hopefully sales for this type of work will grow, That said the hot sales at this show continue to be well rendered Trekmecha paintings and media humour work. Well done fantasy also goes well and I cleared a little over $700 this year, up $200 from last year, I got some pretty good prices at auction. All kinds of stuff sells well at this con, though it's hard to figure out what will be hot as the audience is really broad. Artists were paid at the close of the show, some thing that always goes over big with the attending artists. This year's show was excellent and well varied with over all sales up from last year by a nice amount.[5]


1996: Con Reports


2000: Progress Report

TT2000 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Beyond

July 14–16 Regal Constellation Hotel (near the Toronto airport) www.tcon.icomm.ca This annual fan-run convention has evolved considerably from its origins as a simple Star Trek convention. Now in its fourteenth year, the TT (Toronto Trek) convention has a huge array of activities. There are actor guests from Star Trek, Xena, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Gallactica. For more literary fans, this year TT is hosting the Aurora Awards for Canadian science fiction, which means many authors will be present. There is a dance, masquerade, exhibits, gaming, contests and more. Check the web site to learn more.

Of special note to can.motss readers is the increasing number of panel discussions dealing with queer issues. For example, there will be a panel called "Blurring the Borders of Gender" on technology and transgender themes in science fiction. Another panel explores the possibility of boycotting Paramount to protest the lack of gay characters in Star Trek (not to mention their support of Dr. Laura). We consider fan attitudes towards same-sex relationships in "Fandom: Tolerant or Hypocritical".

There will be a couple of panels on slash, a form of fan written fiction that frequently places tv characters in same-sex relationships. The classic example is Kirk/Spock. (The slash between the characters' names is the source of the title of this sub-genre.)

Using a workshop format, in "To Queerly Go" panelists and audience will try to write a Star Trek episode the way that we think it ought to be done.

Several other panels look at the way speculative fiction explores themes regarding sexuality and gender. There will be discussions on the themes of eroticism, monogamy, sex trade, VR sex and same-sex relationships. To find these at the con look towards the back of the program book you will receive at registration, where panels are listed by subject. Look under the Adult and Alternative Adult categories, if these topics interest you.

TT2000 will also be an opportunity for social contacts. Queer Continuum, an email list for GLBT science fiction fans is organizing a party where we can meet and mingle. It will be on the Friday evening. Look for signs posted at convention.

Toronto Trek has always been a fun weekend and this year will be better than ever. For more info, see the website www.tcon.icomm.ca or email tc...@icomm.ca or phone 416-410-TCON (8266)



2003: Con Reports

A Doctor Who fan at the convention.

I remember a small table coupled with friendly Farscape freaks. A table of musty, rusty back issues of Enlightenment. Looping images of a Carnival of monsters and resurrected Daleks to draw in the curious and the profane. I remember hawking DWIN memberships and averting my gaze from the odder conveyers of social dysfunction. There are fewer Jedi, fewer kimonos, fewer everyone - apparently the Movellans released SARS on hogtown.


Lindsey tap, taps away on her laptop, Graeme at her shoulder, poll results configured and re-configured - top ten revelations promise 40th anniversary reflections. The deadline looms. Eric rushes off to the sub-Arctic video room to cue up zombie parts and Buck's bodacious space babes. I slip quietly into a dark corner, noting that Buffy draws crowds of hootin' hollerers, while The Five Doctors, a smattering of silent devotees. Doctor Who fans blend into their surroundings like an Ogri in a rock quarry. I perch on the edge of the table, pretending to read the liner notes for Death comes to Time, while secretly I scope them out. See that woman with the Babylon 5 t-shirt? Who'd ever thunk she had a massive thing for Patrick Troughton. Or that rather normal looking chap with the nice eyes - he's a Doctor Who idiot savant. Or is that idiot Deon? And then Anthony Stewart Head comes strolling by in his charming way, his spectacles masking his wearied eyes and fixes with curiosity on our altar to peculiar British pop culture. The scene is completed as he scans the CD cover for Excelis Dawn balanced on top of the TV. A knowing smile changes to an ear-to-ear grin. Easiest 4000 quid I ever made, he must be musing.


At last, the unbridled frenzy erupts - the Doctor Who 40th anniversary Poll Panel. One could calculate the number of attendees on the left hand of a Zolfa-Thuran, but nonetheless we went forth in all of our beliefs, risking audio-visual disaster and pedantic dissention to reveal by decade the creme de la creme of preeminent Who. Weaving back and forth through time like a type 40 on a scavenger hunt, we named beloved stories - audio, televised and bookish (chewing gum wrapper free), singing the praises of Talons, extolling the virtues of Evil, and heaping accolades on our Caves. And so as the Trek-ish crowds dispersed, our rag-tag little DWIN table was once again dismantled, memberships counted, and videos re-wound. We remained diminutive, but dedicated, keeping the scared flame alight, trusting in out hearts that some day an enlightened BBC exec will light a firecracker and release the creative spirit of our favourite, time-traveling eccentric.[7]



2005: Con Reports


The 2006 Toronto Trek was also known as TT20.[8]

2006: Con Reports


The big downside to this year's con is immediately evident - the organizers have judged too conservatively how many people would have viewed Series Two through extraordinary means. They put the only panel about it too early in the con and too late in the day .. and still we have over 60 people turn out to talk about the latest season. Rob Shearman, sitting on the panel is on form and we have a funny and insightful conversation. Doomsday airs the next day in Britain, and everyone here is really excited. It's exhilarating.


I'm on a brief history of the Time Lords panel. It's supposed to be a general history of Doctor Who panel, but as fan conversations are wont to do, it quickly gets bogged down in the minutae of the Time Lords themselves. One of my fellow panelists - a nice person, really - is annoyed by the time mechanics of Father's Day, which leads me to say ungraciously, 'Doctor Who is not a hard SF show. If you're looking for hard SF, watch something else' And yet it's the comment that I'm most thanked for saying all weekend. Most of the day is spent hanging out at the DWIN table. visiting other panels, hanging out with great friends I only see once a year, visiting the dealer's room ( where some industrious soul made a superb replica of the new series TARDIS).


I face down a room of people alone for the Doctor Who news panel. The most asked questions are about why the CBC waited til autumn for Series Two and why the DVDs for the new series are so expensive. The audience is really engaged, which is great. I'm on a panel on the restoration of old episodes and the search for missing episodes. It's an uber-geeky topic and yet we manage to get 30 people to come to it. Doomsday has come via Carrier Pigeon. Grown men weep openly.


A second (well attended) Sexuality and Doctor Who panel. I'm not on it (thank goodness) but Rob Shearmen and Tessa Woldjyo keep the discussion going and the audience engaged. Rob is surrounded by admiring fans like a rock star afterward. We have a Cybermen panel. Rob isn't much a fan of them, but is on the panel and is entertaining. We show a clip from Rise of the Cybermen and you can sense the excitement of the people waiting until October to see Series Two actually jump. God, it's a great time to be A Doctor Who fan.[9]


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