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Swing Both Rays is a phrase that used to refer to being a fan of both Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski from Due South.

For those fans who liked — or even tolerated — both Rays, negotiating the Ray waters was trickier. One phrase was "I swing both Rays", a play on "I swing both ways" or being bisexual. The quote's origin is traced back to a FAQ on the DSX fan fiction list, when the administrator ruled that third season material could be included on the list.[1]

"Swinging Both Rays" also means fans who ship Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski.

Mailing List

SwingBothRays screencap

Elaine W. also set up a mailing list by that name: "a fan fic and discussion list for anyone who swings both Rays... and besides, where else can we discuss the important issues in life, like how to write fan fic when both your main characters have the same name?"[2]

Description from the Due South Slash Site:

Swing Both Rays Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski paired. Perfection! This list is for fiction and discussion of the pairing. To subscribe go to onelist.com and search for SwingBothRays list.[3]

Meta/Further Reading


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