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Name: SixApart (aka 6A)
Date(s): 2001 - present
Profit/Nonprofit: For profit
Country based in: United States based
Focus: Blogging and social networking
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From 2005 to 2007, SixApart and Brad Fitzpatrick owned LiveJournal.

A vice-president was Anil Dash. [1]

Brad Fitzpatrick left SixApart after Strikethrough. [2]


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  2. ^ brad's life - On Leaving SixApart, Archived version, August 6, 2007 ("Since I've always been just kinda been a floater engineer at SixApart, never really part of (or head of) a group, I just feel a bit detached now without something obviously broken consuming all of my time & attention. There are plenty of other groups at SixApart having fun working on other problems, so I could join one of those groups, but I think this is just a good point in my life to change directions a bit. My apologies that there's not more drama to this whole story. :)")