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Discord Server
Name: ShouToko Discord
Date(s): May 24, 2018 - present
Server Owner: SibylWhisp
Moderators: JaneBuzJane; Scurgal
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Scope: Ship-centric: ShouToko (Shouji/Tokoyami)
Access: Public
URL: ShouToko Tumblr (contains invite link)
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The ShouToko Discord server is a public server for fans of the Boku no Hero Academia ship Shouji/Tokoyami (or ShouToko). The server opened on May 24, 2018 and is currently still active/open.

The server features general chat channels, NSFW channels, meme channels, headcanon channels, fic rec channels, spoiler discussions, and more.


ShouToko Week

The ShouToko Discord server began the ShouToko Week in honor of the members of the server who were content creators. The inaugural week ran from Oct. 27, 2019 - Nov. 2, 2019 (the week of Tokoyami's birthday in BNHA canon), and it was open to everyone (no server membership necessary).

The server hosted a blog dedicated to the week,, which listed all of the prompts and reblogged fanworks that were posted and tagged with #ShouTokoWeek2019 during the week.[1] Qualifying works were also reblogged by the main ShouToko blog.

A ShouToko Week 2019 collection on AO3 was also created.


The server occasionally hosts content creation sprints, where a moderator will give a prompt and a 15-30 minute time limit. At the end of the sprint, creators can post their work in a dedicated server channel.


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