Ship's Log (Star Trek: TOS zine by U.S.S. Vigilant)

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Title: Ship’s Log
Publisher: U.S.S. Vigilant (fan club)
Editor(s): Carolyn Balsley, J. Moore & Stacy Doyle
Date(s): around 1986-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek TNG
Language: English
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Ship's Log is a gen club zine of articles. It contains club news, articles, and reviews. It is unclear if it contains any fiction.

Ship's Log v.4 n.2 was published December, 1987 (Stardate 8712.20).

Ship's Log v.4 n.5 was published April, 1988 (Stardate 8804.15). This was the last issue edited by Carolyn Balsley, who had been in that position for "the last two years".

Ship's Log v.4 n.6 was published May, 1988 (Stardate 8805.15). Stacy Doyle becomes the editor.

Ship's Log v.4 n.8

Ship's Log v.4 n.9 was published November, 1988 (Stardate 8811.15)

Ship's Log v.4 n.10

Ship's Log v.4 n.11 was published in 1989.

Ship's Log v.7 n.3 was published in January 1991.

Ship's Log v.7 n.6 was published in May 1991.

Ship's Log v.7 n.9 was published in October 1991.

Ship's Log v.8 n.8 was published in January 1993. Along with Star Trek: TOS, it also discusses the premieres of Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine.