Serendipitous Scenarios

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Title: Serendipitous Scenario
Publisher: Serendipity, a fan club out of Oklahoma
Editor(s): Denise Loague
Date(s): 1990-1994
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake's 7 and Doctor Who
Language: English
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Serendipitous Scenarios is a gen Doctor Who and Blake's 7 anthology.

Issue 1

Serendipitous Scenarios 1 was published in 1990;

  • Brothers, poem featuring Del Tarrant and Deeta by Carol Myers (Blake's 7)
  • To Adric, poem by Carol Myers (Doctor Who)
  • other unknown content

Issue 2

Serendipitous Scenarios 2

Issue 3

Serendipitous Scenarios 3 was published in July 1994.