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Name: Skam
Creator: Julie Andem
Date(s): September 2015 – June 2017
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: Norway
External Links: Official website, Skam on Wikipedia
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Skam is a Norwegian teen drama television series depicting the lives of students studying Hartvig Nissen School. In Nordic countries, Skam became instantly popular after the first episode's release and has since broken various broadcasting records in Norway and other countries.

In 2016, the show gained sudden popularity with English and other international viewers after fansubs were uploaded to Google Drive accounts and spread across Tumblr. The show then became a viral sensation and trended several times on both Tumblr and Twitter. Following the success of the original, numerous remakes have been created - as of December 2019, 7 remakes have been or are still being filmed (French, German, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, American, and Spanish).

The effect that had was really interesting, because watching Skam could inherently never be a solitary experience, like binge-watching on Netflix. It relied on a crowdsourced translation, an international fan community that would share and spread new clips.[1]

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