Resurrection (Critical Role)

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Fan Song
Song Title: resurrection
Composer: Lilli Furfaro
Lyrics: Lilli Furfaro
Melody: original
Date: Aug 15, 2020
Fandom: Critical Role
External Links: Youtube link

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resurrection is a fansong written and performed by Lilli Furfaro, dedicated to Critical Role campaign 2 character of Nott the Brave.

a song for our rogue mom.


You’re able to make these songs not just songs, but a vivid experience of each character, simply incredible, each and everyone[1]

"I was a wife, I was a mother, I was alive, now I'm a monster..."

It HURTS that Nott/Veth has Othered herself to the point of not realizing she was always still family to Yeza and Luke.

Lilli, you always surprise me with new (painfully, PAINFULLY) insightful descriptions of the Nein. This was beautiful.[2]
Though Nott/Veth is one of the funniest characters (probably because it’s Sam), I’ve always felt her story is the most tragic. You’ve portrayed the tragedy of Nott the Brave / Veth Brenatto so beautifully. My favourite lyric: “You’re covered in dirt, and I hate the water” Like they’re both afraid of getting clean or coming clean, in more ways than one. Lovely stuff![3]

Ugh. The way this one ends just HURTS. Veth's backstory is a damn open wound, and this captures it so eloquently.[4]
IM CRYING SNEAKY TEARS FOR OUR SNEAKY SNEAKY ROGUE MOM This is seriously beautiful. I adore the fact it's a waltz, 3/4 timing just somehow makes it all the more poignant and tugs at them heartstrings. Also, waltzes make me think of Caleb :,)[5]

What can I say that people haven't said?

You told this tale of body Dysmorphia to acceptance and new life so well. 100+ episodes of story in one 5:48 song where I can hear her pain. Sam would be proud.

You are talented! Brilliant with writing and giving us the arc so far in a way where we all can see the characters the way the actors want them seen. Which makes me so nervous for Caleb's song, especially after episode 106 aired.

Critter Hugs for you m'lady![6]


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