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Journal Community
Name: ReMoPodMo / Record More Podfic Month
Date(s): 2010-2019
Moderator: cantarina, croissantkatie, analise010, curiously_me, growlery
Founder: cantarina
Type: challenge
Fandom: podfic
URL: livejournal; Dreamwidth, Twitter

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ReMoPodMo or Record More Podfic Month is a community dedicated to encouraging the production of podfic. It originated on LiveJournal before migrating to Dreamwidth fully in 2013.


Inspired by the format of communities like mini_wrimo, this is a challenge designed to allow podficcers to make a daily commitment of at least ten minutes to spend on any stage of podfic production.

ReMoPodMo LJ profile

The community/challenge ran on two "tracks" a year: one in November and one scheduled to match with infamous podfic challenge Amplificathon (usually in the Spring).

From the FAQ:

What is this anyway?
ReMoPodMo - Record More Podfic Month - is a challenge to encourage the creation of podfic. You, the podficcer, make a commitment to spend a certain number of minutes a day working on any one of your projects. During earlier Tracks, the community also shaped up to be a social, supportive place and we'd like to maintain that moving forward!

ReMoPodMo Track 4 FAQ


  • Participants signed up for a minimum of 10 minutes of podfic-related work a day.
  • Any part of the podficcing process could be counted (reading, recording, editing, etc.)
  • Moderators posted daily check-in posts and encouraged participants to talk about their progress and potential frustrations, and to interact with each other
  • Not meeting one's goal or not checking in on time did not have negative consequences.


  • Track 1: Nov 2011 (LJ only)
  • Track 2: May-June 2011 (LJ/DW)
  • Track 3: Nov 2011 (LJ/DW)
  • Track 4: April 2012 (LJ/DW)
  • Track 5: Nov 2012 (LJ/DW)
  • Track 6: Nov 2013 (DW only)
  • Track 7: Apr 2014 (DW only)
  • Track 8: Announced for June 2019 - did not run (DW only)