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Name: Systems Committee of Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)
Profit/Nonprofit: Nonprofit
Country based in: USA; international volunteers
Focus: Manages servers and infrastructure for the OTW and its projects.
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The Systems Committee is one of the committees involved in the Organization for Transformative Works.

The OTW website describes its role:

Systems manages the servers and infrastructure for the organization and its projects. It also acts as a technical resource for other committees. All our servers run Debian, but if you are otherwise competent with Unix, knowing Debian specifically isn't a requirement. The software packages we administer include: Apache2, Drupal, Mailman, Mediawiki, mySQL, Nagios, Nginx, Postfix, and Ruby on Rails. Experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting at least some of these is necessary but you need not know them all. We are particularly seeking sysadmins and database people with experience in performance tuning and scalability.[1]

History of Chairs

  • 2010: Sidra and Arrow (co-chairs)
  • 2011: Sidra and Arrow
  • 2012: Sidra and Arrow
  • 2013: Arrow, Amanda Furrow, Moose
  • 2014: Amanda Furrow, Karen
  • 2015: Amanda Furrow, Karen
  • 2016: Amanda Furrow, Karen; then Puckling and Matthew Vernon
  • 2017: Puckling and Matthew Vernon (co-chairs)
  • 2018: Puckling and Matthew Vernon (co-chairs); then Matthew Vernon
  • 2019: Matthew Vernon
  • 2020: Matthew Vernon


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