Now That Larry's Gone

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Now That Larry's Gone
Author(s): Arianna
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Now That Larry's Gone is a Sentinel story by Arianna.

Reactions and Reviews

How did Jim and Blair get from 'one week' to 'indefinitely'? This story covers the days after Larry's departure up to Blair's more permanent moving in, with all of the trials and tribulations someone who has just lost his home and nearly all of his possessions (while dealing with a budget of just about, oh, nothing). This is a bit of a guilty pleasure fic for me, because Blair's behavior is bordering on silly, what with the buying of Jim gifts when he doesn't have enough to eat. Then again, this is the same guy who thought $850 was a good rental rate in the nineties, so you could definitely argue that he canonically has no common sense (or, you know, that the show writers never rented an apartment outside of NYC). At any rate, Blair is sweet, if misguided, Jim is...Jim, the story is well-written and engaging, and the ending is happy. A nice bit of gen angst for those who are ready for a break from all of that romance melodrama.[1]
Jane, thanks for the rec! LOL, yeah, Blair doesn't exhibit the most common sense in this, that's for sure. I can only plead that this was one of my earlier stories. ::grins:: I'm so glad to know you enjoyed this story, and very grateful that you've taken the time to rec it.[2]
I've always rather liked missing scenes and epilogues, stories that show us what we would have liked to have seen onscreen and didn't. I also like those crazy mixed up misunderstanding type stories, the ones where one of the guys does something that the other totally gets the wrong end of the stick of. This story gives both. A terrific missing scene/epilogue for The Debt and a Jim who totally misreads Blair's good intentions.[3]


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