Mozart's Requiem (Xena vid)

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Title: Mozart's Requiem
Creator: The Video Vixen (Alexmmr)
Date: 2002
Format: digital, Realtime Player
Length: approx. 57 minutes
Music: Mozart's Requiem Mass
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: archived vidder's web page; a few of her vids can be found on Youtube

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Mozart's Requiem is series of 15 Xena vids set to the entirety of Mozart's Requiem. Edited by The Video Vixen.

Vidder's Notes

"The Opus

Mozarts Requiem Mass

These are meant to be viewed one right after the other. So you might want to download the new Real One player and setup the videos as a playlist. Then you can sit back and let the whole video run (it's approximately 57 minutes long).

While you're downloading this monstrosity, I recommend you read the latin to english translation of the piece. I also recommend reading this great thesis paper that some college student wrote about the requiem. It will help you understand the mathmatics behind the music and meaning of various parts. And believe me, even with a cable modem, you've got some time to kill while these download.

You can also purchase the opus on cd for $20. Just email me and I'll send you purchase details.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of this. It's 10 months in the making and my ego is fragile."[1]

Reactions and Reviews