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Title: Mercy
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Author(s): Anna McLain
Cover Artist(s):
Medium: print
Fandom: Andromeda
Language: English
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Mercy is a 124-page AU gen novel by Anna McLain.

Summary: "When things go terribly wrong, Rommie finds herself alone, and accused of killing Dylan. But things go from bad to worse when she is convicted and set to prison."

Excerpt from the publisher's page:

Rommie awoke slowly. Internal diagnostic: all systems operational. Four hundred five hours and thirty-three minutes missing. Terror stabbed her. It happened again, she thought. Where am I? What's happening to me? Confusion welled up inside her. Dizziness. Fear. Horror. Time and memory had betrayed her again, slipping away to leave her afraid and lost.
She blinked rapidly, blurred vision clearing quickly. A form came into focus. Eyes. Striking eyes. Piercing. Haunted. The color of fall that Harper loved to describe to her in detail when he'd had a few too many beers. They were the green of the leaves shifting into autumn rust, blue of the Earth sky with hints of dusky gray and golden stars, outlined in black. Who? She focused. A man sat astride her. A human, 180 lbs, tawny beard and moustache, dark hair close cropped. Automatically, her sensors rattled off physical details. His forehead was open and high, yet far from serene. Lips childlike, yet chiseled with resolve. Eyes hooded yet piercing, as though they'd seen too much pain. A face filled with contradictions.
He leaned closer, hand snaking toward her bosom.
She slapped his hand away and shoved him off. He flew back and landed on his rear with a grunt. "Hey!" he snapped, rubbing the cheek that took the impact.
She sat up, glanced around. Nothing looked familiar.
He scrambled over to her. "Give it to me." Softly demanding.
"What?" she exclaimed, bewildered.
"Now." He thrust his open palm out. "I was here first."
"I have no idea what-"
He reached toward her. She smacked his hands away. "Don't play games." Gritted teeth, twinkling eyes. Was he angry?
"Who are you? What are you talking about? How did I get here?" she demanded, trying to keep her tone civil despite the confusion and worry swirling inside her head.
His eyes narrowed as he studied her. His irises turned from green and tawny to a deep blue, shifting with his mood. Suddenly he opened them wide, staring into her eyes. He shot a glance around the room. "We have to get outta here, love."
"Where am I?"