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Title: LISfan
Editor(s): Flint Mitchell
Type: newsletter
Medium: print
Fandom: Lost in Space
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LISfan is a Lost in Space newsletter that ran for eight issues. It was published by the fan club of the same name.

Issue 1

LISFan 1 was published in 1981 and 36 pages.

  • The cover lists it as a "Special Reprint Edition" Among the articles included in this 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 gem, is an interview with Jonothan Harris (Dr. Smith), an article about the LIS toys, an article about some of the worlds and about 9 other articles about Lost in Space.

Issue 2

LISFan 2 100 pages, LIS episode guide, blueprints, etc. (1983)

Issue 3

LISFan 3 100 pages, June Lockhart interview, etc. (1984)

Issue 4

LISFan 4 was published in 1986 and contains 100 pages.

  • "the first ever Lost in Space computer game program! This program is adaptable to nearly any computer!"
  • an interview with Dick Tufeld (the voice of the robot and narrator)
  • an interview with Marta Kristen who played Judy
  • A Capsule History of Lost in Space Fandom: find out who the REAL pioneers of Lost in Space fandom are
  • Looking back: an exclusive coverage of the now famous Official tribute to Lost in Space
  • blueprints of the chariot and Tucker's ship
  • an interview with Billy Muay: "Find out what Bill thinks about the rivalry between LIS fans" (was advertised early on, may not be in actual issue)
  • Return to Earth, a two part novel
  • eight pages of photos
  • twenty pages of fan comics

Issue 5

LISFan 5 100 pages, Marcel Hillaire interview, Ezra Stone interview, Gene Polito interview, etc.

Issue 6

LISFan 6 100 pages, Shimon Wincelberg interview and others. (1990)

Issue 7

LISFan 7 82 pages, Full size magazine format, Francine York interview, and more

Issue 8

LISFan 8 Interviews with several LIS writers and guest stars. (1994)