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Pairing: Jack Kelly/Katherine Plumber
Alternative name(s): Jatherine, Jathrine, Jackkatherine, Lambcuddles
Gender category: f/m
Fandom: Newsies
Canonical?: yes, to the stage musical
Prevalence: common
Jack's number one weakness is girls. by fireworkss-exe on Tumblr (2020)
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Jack/Katherine is the canon het pairing between Jack and Katherine from the Newsies stage musical.



Jack and Katherine are frequently written as a bi4bi pairing.

Ship Name

The ship name "Lambcuddles" is sometimes used for this couple. It was created accidentally by fans on Tumblr in early- to mid-2013. The story has been repeated many times over the years by the coiners and their friends.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

So four years ago two friends of mine @jackkellyssweetheart (E) and @hoshigomi (Maizy) were up late. E was working on a paper and Maizy was supplying headcanons from what I understand, but at some point E called Katherine a fluffy lamb and asked for lambcuddles (a cuddling fic between Jack and Katherine). At this point, our fav. duo didn’t really have a good ship name. It sounded like a good name so they asked me and another friend of ours to tag all our Jack/Katherine fic as lambcuddles. We did and things just kind of grew from there.


In December 2014, a member of the US National Tour cast made an Instagram post using the name.[9]

Example Fanworks




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