Hunting Parties

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Title: Hunting Parties series
Author(s): Ltlj
Date(s): December 28, 2005, series in progress
Genre: Fan Fiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Hunting Parties (Water Gate)
Hunting Parties series index at Water Gate

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Hunting Parties is a Stargate Atlantis series written by Ltlj (writing as Victoria Custer) and featuring a developing slash relationship between John Sheppard and an original male character called Vanrin.

Series so far

  • Aftermath - Victoria Custer
  • Hunting Parties - Victoria Custer
  • Consequences - Victoria Custer
  • Foreign Affairs - Victoria Custer
  • Foreign Affairs II - Victoria Custer
  • Foreign Affairs, Conclusion - Victoria Custer
  • Afterword - Victoria Custer
  • Connections - Victoria Custer
  • Vanrin's Story - Victoria Custer
  • Vanrin's Story Part 2 - Victoria Custer