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A Dead link occurs when a link to an external page no longer contains the content it references. Often, this is because the site no longer exists; sometimes the content itself has been removed, the URL has changed, or the content has been locked so that casual readers cannot see it. This is also known as "link rot."

Fanlore policy on link rot is to find an updated page with the correct content if possible, but if not, to leave the original link for archive purposes and flag it with the {{Dead link}} template.

If you find a dead link, you can run the URL through one of 3 archiving services to see if the page was archived and then update the dead link. In addition, Fanlore contributors have several tools they can use to proactively prevent dead links. We recommend that these tools be used whenever a new cite is created. Learn more at Help:Citing sources#Archiving: Preventing Link Rot.