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Name: HashiMada BigBang
Date(s): 2017, 2018
Type: fanweek, open big bang
Fandom: Naruto
Associated Community:
URL: hashimada-bigbang.tumblr.com
@hashimada_bb on twitter.
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The HashiMada BigBang is a 9-week long challenge for fans of the Naruto ship Hashirama x Madara that runs from Hashirama’s birthday (October 23) to Madara’s birthday (December 24th) annually. The event is an open big bang, so it doesn't follow typical the big bang structure of matching up long fics with authors. Rather, there are two prompts for each of the nine weeks of the challenge and participants create fanworks and submit them for that week, as one would do daily for a fanweek.

The first itteration of the event was announced on the tumblr on September 2nd, 2017.[1] This event is unrelated to the HashiMada MiniBang[2] The event primarily takes place on tumblr but in 2018 expanded to twitter as well.[3]


  • Written entries (fanfic, poetry, etc) can be made in any language. English preferred.
  • We accept any types of fanworks. Fics, fanarts, edits, aesthetics, or even meta analysis. Haiku? Yes! Marble sculpting? If that’s your thing then we aren’t gonna stop ya.
  • This goes without saying: the entry must focus on the pairing
  • We accept any kind of pairing; m/m, m/f and f/f are okay! Genderbend characters are okay too.
  • We accept SFW and NSFW entries
  • Any kind of setting is accepted. Canon, AR, AU–be creative! Your Imagination is the limit!
  • Entries must be published within the event time. You may start working on it ahead of time.
  • Entries that use a prompt or two must be published within the respective week.
  • You may combine two prompts within one work.
  • You may pick no prompt; they’re here just to help your inspiration.
  • Last but not least, please respect your fellow fans![4]


Week 1 (23 - 29 Oct): Hashirama’s birthday || Beginning

Week 2 (30 Oct - 5 Nov): Throne || Blood

Week 3 (6 - 12 Nov): Power || Bloom

Week 4 (13 - 19 Nov): Destiny || Sword

Week 5 (20 - 26 Nov): Eclipse || Crossroad

Week 6 (27 Nov - 3 Dec): Sprout || Dark

Week 7 (4 - 10 Dec): Wander || Dwell

Week 8 (11 - 17 Dec): Hope || Thirst

Week 9 (18 - 24 Dec): Madara’s birthday || End[5]



The prompts for 2018 were ready in July.[6] The event also started using twitter and weekly prompt banners.

Week 1 (23 - 29 Oct): Hashirama’s birthday || Madara’s deathday

Week 2 (30 Oct - 5 Nov): Ruin || all the stars are closer

Week 3 (6 - 12 Nov): Armor || until the day I reach eternal sleep, your smiling face will have to stay with me without fail

Week 4 (13 - 19 Nov): Hair || “i am glad you are here with me; here at the end of all things…“

Week 5 (20 - 26 Nov): Prophecy || “you save everyone, but who saves you?”

Week 6 (27 Nov - 3 Dec): Apocalypse || “it is useless to meet revenge with revenge; it will heal nothing.”

Week 7 (4 - 10 Dec): Lunch || we can bear our wounds and pains if we share them one another

Week 8 (11 - 17 Dec): Childhood || but the heart wants what it wants

Week 9 (18 - 24 Dec): Madara’s birthday || Hashirama’s deathday[6]


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