The Drake's Seven Comic Book

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Title: The Drake's Seven Comic Book
Publisher: Paul Williams
Date(s): 1980
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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The Drake's Seven Comic Book is a gen Blake's 7 60-page anthology of graphic stories by Paul Williams.

front cover
back cover

It was published in the UK.

The Preface

Drake's Seven happened by accident (and seemed to carry on that way!), starting life as a one-off cartoon in Keogh Hall newsletter.

It's the story of Drake, who tries to solve his problems by copying Blake, his favorite T.V. hero -- in much the same way that Woody Allen has recourse to the example set by Humphrey Bogart in "Play it Again, Sam."

Unfortunately, he and his crew are totally inept. Raven, for example, has most of Avon's abrasive sarcasm but very little of his intelligence. Polly employs her clairvoyance by trying to talk to seaweed. Gland hugs a roy bear for comfort and Drake just hasn't got a clue.

Luckily, Drake's universe is supposed to be a gentle burlesque of science fiction clichés like hyperspace, android lookalikes, and ultimate computers.

The first three stories come from the pages of FELIX, the fourth was written especially for the book. So, strangely, story 2 was written first, story 3 second, story 4 third and story 1 last! This lunatic situation is entirely appropriate for a comic strip as vague as Drake's Seven.

To add to the confusion, since this is my first comic strip, my drawing style (?) has gradually changed, which means the characters vary a little from page to page. I'm sorry.


  • The Dome (3)
  • The Trap (12)
  • Ultraspace (25)
  • Drake's Holiday (35)

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