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Name: Deliverance '98
Dates: March 27–29, 1998
Location: UK
Type: fan run
Focus: Blake's 7
Founding Date:
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Deliverance '98 was a Blake's 7 con held in England.

March 27–29, 1998 at the Moat House, Festival park, Stoke on Trent, contact info was Judith Smith

first page of a four-page flyer

It generated a con zine called Deliverance as well as an Exhibition Catalogue.

Some Slash and Explicit Adult Debate

For a fresh mind on the deliverance debate, IMHO this row has got blown *way* out of perspec. Slash and adult artwork is only one small part of fandom, and the basic intention behind the concom's statement is perfectly reasonable, they simply don't want any embarrassments at a con' with such a high BBC presence, and they are right to be worried about offending the actors, after all, no one makes them attend.

They aren't trying to put an out and out ban on slash/adult material, just graphics which could offend. But trying to act as a nanny and be overly protective of children is daft. Some parents aren't that bothered about their teenagers being exposed to sex and sexual imagery, and at any rate your average fifteen year old has a pretty good idea of who's got what and what they might feel the desire to do with it (pardon the crudeness) and thinking that a nine o' clock watershed is going to keep them away from panels with a sexual content is more than naive, it's downright silly. So calm down and stop bickering about such a daft niggly little thing, sheesh, any excuse for a row ae :-) [1]

Con Reports

A fan named Martin wrote:
Deliverance '98 was a fabulous convention this year, and it's the largest group of Blake's 7 fans I've seen together before. I managed to get talking to many of the original cast, bumping (literally) into Gareth Thomas (Blake) a few times and having a real good chat which I'd never managed to do before. I also had a long sit down with Sheelagh to discuss her book Blake's-7. The inside Story'. She's a very nice lady who gladly pointed out all the errors that had been made in the book! The obligatory photos and autographs were also gathered from some of the original cast.

The guests that did attend (I think this is all) were : Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Peter Tuddenham, Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating, Stephen Greif, David Jackson, David Maloney, Chris Boucher, Sheelagh Wells, Joe Nazzaro, Mat Irvine, Stuart Fell, Brian Lighthill,Brian Clemett and Mike Tucker.

(Someone let me know if I've missed any please!)

Here is the main list of what Deliverance had to offer:

  • Art and Model Show (a huge display of some very professional art and model work by very dedicated fans)
  • Art Sale
  • Auctions (where I managed to purchase some very rare Blake's 7 memorabilia)
  • Autograph sessions (although the queues were a bit long, it was worth it!)
  • Dealers Rooms
  • Exhibitions of original props, clothing and pictures (well worth a visit)
  • Discussion Panels
  • The Guests
  • Guest Workshops
  • Mastermind contest
  • Photo sessions
  • Pub Quiz
  • Video rooms for 24hr entertainment

I've included below some of the photo's I took on the day. They are described below: [see link for photos]

All in all, I had a great time! [2]
A fan named Katherine wrote:
WARNING! This report has been known to cause emission of flames from unstable individuals. Do not read on if you were involved in this convention and cannot take constructive criticism. See Katspace, Archived version

A Con Tape

In 2001, a videotape set was sold featuring some of the panels. From the online flyer:
"The first of the 3 long-awaited videos of the Deliverance 98 convention - 'These Our Actors' is now completed, and being despatched to those who have pre-ordered.....

The second tape - 'Backstage Boys and Girls' and the third tape - 'Highlights of D98' - will follow shortly....

Tape 1: These Our Actors. 90 minutes of fuller versions of the best cast panels. Panels featured include 'The Men of Blake's 7' with Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Stephen Greif, David Jackson and Peter Tuddenham; 'The Federation' with Jacqueline Pearce and Stephen Greif; 'The Ladies of Blake's 7' with Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell and Jacqueline Pearce. This tape has been completed and is ready for despatch.

Tape 2: The Backstage Boys (and Girls) 90 minutes of fuller versions of the best panels featuring our guests from behind the scenes - David Maloney, Chris Boucher, Mat Irvine, Brian Lighthill, Stuart Fell, Sheelagh Wells, Joe Nazzaro, Judith Smith, Mike Tucker. This tape has been completed but not yet duplicated (hopefully within a couple of weeks).

Tape 3: The Best of Deliverance 98. 90 minutes of selected highlights from all the panels, the fancy dress, celebrity cabaret (featuring Peter Tuddenham, David Jackson, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas and the story of Cinderella told - in her own inimitable style - by Jacqueline Pearce!), the Terry Nation Tribute & Liars Panel, Mat Irvine's Exhibition Tour, and a look at the convention through the eyes of our Roving Camera. The guest panel footage on Best of Deliverance 98 is unique to this tape. This tape will be completed



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