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Title: C/FO
Type: ?
Date(s): 1977-present
Fandom: anime
Language: English
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C/FO has the official title of "C/FO "The Magazine" Cartoon/Fantasy Organization Fanzine." It is the club zine of Cartoon/Fantasy Organization.

C/FO Volume 2 #3. (Whole #66) 1983, contains 31 pages, cover by Sergio Aragones (Groo), contains work by Fred Patten, Wendy Dinsmore, Doug Rice, B. J. Duffy, Dr. Bill Wilson, Toward The Terra Part 2, Katakana chart. Ads from Books Nippan, Pony Toy & Melody Records.

C/FO Volume 2 #6. (Whole #69) 1984, front cover: Space Adventure COBRA. Back cover: TOBOR, the 8th Man, contains work by Lela Dowling, Bill Wilson, Yuji Hiramatsu, B. J. Duffy, Mark Merlino, Doug Rice, Colleen Winters, Stephen Holmes, Lupin III.

C/FO Volume 2 #8. (Whole #71) 1984, 38 pages, front cover: Ken Mitchroney, contains work by Jane E. McGuire, Matsumoto interview, Galaxy Express 99 pastiche, Harlock fan art, Lupin III data #4.

C/FO Volume 2 #9. (Whole #72) 1984, 31 pages, front cover: MOSPEADA By Carol Hynson & Scott Grieff, contains Genesis Climber Mospeada, Herb Montes on Tezuka manga, Gatchaman song translations, fan art, Ben Dunn & others.