Macdonald Hall

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Name: Macdonald Hall
previously known as Bruno and Boots
Creator: Gordon Korman
Date(s): 1978-1995
Medium: books
Country of Origin: Canada
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Macdonald Hall is the name of a series of young adult novels formerly named Bruno and Boots.

Gordon Korman wrote the first book in the Macdonald Hall series, This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall, as an English project at the age of 12. The books center around the wacky hijinks of a group of friends, led by Bruno Walton and Boots O'Neal, at the fictional Canadian boys' boarding school Macdonald Hall and its sister school, Miss Scrimmage's Academy for Young Ladies.

The Books

  • This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall
  • Go Jump in the Pool
  • Beware the Fish
  • The Wizzle War
  • The Zucchini Warriors
  • Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood
  • Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall

The Fandom

The fandom is often called Bruno & Boots.