Beyond the Golden Triangles

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Title: Beyond the Golden Triangles
Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press
Author(s): Flamingo
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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front cover

Beyond the Golden Triangles is a 57-page digest-sized Miami Vice slash and het novel by Flamingo.

Summary from the distributor, Agent With Style:
Castillo has been hurt emotionally, as have all of his detectives, and they struggle to help each other get beyond this devastation. Yes, "help each other" does mean "have wild monkey sex". Pairings are Sonny/Gina/Rico (threesome) and Trudy/Castillo. Like the title suggests, the story picks up where the episode Golden Triangle ends.

Reactions and Reactions

Post-ep smut. um... the Miami Vice crew has an orgy. And despite the unlikely situation, manages to stay in character for the most part. [1]


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