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Name: Avatar
Creator: James Cameron
Date(s): 2009
Medium: live action/cgi films
Country of Origin: United States
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Theatrical release poster from Avatar
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Avatar is a 2009 epic science fiction adventure film about a disabled space explorer who falls in love with a beautiful alien woman on the planet Pandora. There are currently plans for three sequels.[1][2]


Avatar follows main character Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine, as he is sent to the moon Pandora as part of a scientific program funded by the corporation Resources Development Administration (RDA). The movie is set in the future, year 2154, where Earth’s resources have been depleted and the RDA is on Pandora to mine a unique mineral they’ve named unobtanium. However, their mining practices have severely affected the natural habitat of Pandora and adversely affected the Na’vi, the native species of humanoid intelligence, as well as the other native flora and fauna.

Jake was sent on the mission as a replacement after his identical twin passed, as he needed the same DNA to operate the Na’vi-human hybrid avatar the scientists used to interact with native Na’vi. He was initially planted as an insider for the private security team, however as time passes Jake becomes increasingly involved and connected with the native Na’vi. He also becomes romantically involved with the Na’vi chief’s daughter, Neytiri. Ultimately, Jake sides with the Na’vi in the final confrontation and, as a result of deathly injuries he acquires, his consciousness is transferred to the Na’vi avatar fully. He remains on Pandora when the RDA and the humans are forced to leave.


The fandom for Avatar is fairly large and is still active today on FanFiction.net and is slowly branching out to Archive of Our Own. However, it's a small fandom at AO3; more than 10 years after the movie, it has fewer than 200 non-crossover works. It is an occasional Yuletide fandom. Comparatively, there are 1,040 works for the fandom on FanFicton.Net, as of February 20, 2022, and 169 crossovers. Combined across both sites Harry Potter is the most popular fandom for crossovers, though on AO3 Avatar has more crossovers with World of Warcraft then Harry Potter.

The main pairing in this fandom is the canon ship Neytiri/Jake Sully, who end up together in the film. Jake Sully/Tsu'tey is the second most popular ship in Avatar on AO3, which pairs Jake together with Tsu’tey who was originally supposed to be with Neytiri in the film and hated Jake at first. Although tagged less, this m/m pairing is featured in the works with the most hits in this fandom on AO3.





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