A Little Piece of Gundam Wing

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Name: A Little Piece Of Gundam Wing
Date(s): 2001 to 2019
Archivist: Dacia
Founder: Dacia
Type: yaoi, shounen ai, fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Gundam Wing
URL: http://raygunworks.net/; archive link
AO3 Open Doors Collection
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A Little Piece Of Gundam Wing is a Duo-centric yaoi and shounen ai fanfiction and fanart archive for Gundam Wing.[1]

In September 2017, it was announced that A Little Piece of Gundam Wing would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[2] The import was completed in August 2019.

According to Dacia's:

Ok. That's the "official" stuff. Way too dry and to the point for me to have actually written it, lol. So a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I discovered GW fanfiction. And I thought to myself, 'I won't put together a site. Look at all these great sites out here!' But then I noticed that none of the great sites were archiving the new fics that were coming out when I stumbled into the fandom, so I took it upon myself to create a very basic, no nonsense, slightly sarcastic site that I entitled, in my utter brilliance, **a little piece of gundam wing**, "the best answer to my growing obsession" and collected on it "what I consider(ed) to be the very best of gundam wing yaoi/shounen ai that's out there." And I had a blast doing it. But years pass and things change. The time came when, due to the fact that hosting a site is fricking expensive when you're me, I knew I wasn't going to be able to put out a few hundred dollars to keep it up. Which was a really, really difficult decision for me to make. As fate would have it, AO3 posted about their Open Doors Project around that time, which I had never heard of, and it offered a way for me to preserve all of the wonderful fic and fanart I had accumulated.

The fansite **a little piece of gundam wing** is a little slice of history. It was created during the last golden years of the GW fandom and was home to a family of authors and artists who inspired and encouraged each other in one of the most friendly on-line communities I have known—back in those days, it was all mailing lists and e-mails, none of this fancy social media stuff and certainly nothing like AO3. The site hosts silly fics and angsty fics, it boasts fantastical dramas and heart-rending ficlets. And it deserves to be remembered (I'm allowed to say that since it might be my site, but it is almost entirely not my creative genius). The spirit of my site lingers on at AO3, minus my spiffy orange font, and you'd be doing yourself a favor to come and visit us at our new home.


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