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Pairing: Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner
Alternative name(s): Mulder/Skinner, M/Sk
Gender category: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
example of artwork depicting the Mulder/Skinner pairing, Suzan Lovett, 1996. The positioning of Mulder (kneeling) hints at one of the more popular themes in the pairing: d/s and BDSM. Additional artwork for the pairing is below. The title is "Who Protects the Protector". This picture appeared at MediaWest 1997 art show and was reviewed by one attendee: "Skinner's face in this one is obviously from a picture out of a magazine and while it's the closest picture I've seen that looks like him the expression isn't a passionate one and therefore the picture didn't look right to me...hopefully as [the artist] works more with them she'll get better."[1]
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Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner is a popular slash pairing in the X-Files fandom. TheAD'sOffice or "The Office" is a website dedicated to the IRC Chatroom for X-Files slash fans who have a particular fondness of the Mulder/Skinner pairing. D/s and BDSM are common tropes and themes in the pariing. FanHistory reports that the first Mulder/Skinner story was written in October 1995. It was Authority by Laura Cooksey and "it would set the tone for future Mulder/Skinner fan fiction."[2] At the time one fan wrote:
"I loved "Authority" -- definitely not as harsh as most of the s&m XF stories out there. Some nice, hot sex scenes, too. What I enjoyed about it was the progression of the character's reactions. Skinner's assertion of authority was more palatable to me because *we* know he doesn't intend to harm Mulder, but Mulder doesn't know that. And then the way Mulder starts liking it... I thought it was handled well, and I'd love to read more like this. Dare I hope for a sequel or 2 (or 3)?"[3]
Some fans report that their initial reaction to the paring was hesitant, but they were quickly won over:
"I too found Xanthe through 24/7 and at first i found [the pairing] a little hard to accept. I was new to slash and certainly had never viewed Skinner as anybody but the AD. Hungry for slash, having just discovered it, i ploughed on and soon found myself looking at Skinner in an entirely new light. And a much more appealing Skinner it was!! Now i find that Skinner/Mulder is more natural than anything else, and they fit together so perfectly. When i watch the show now, mostly i am looking for all the subtext that i had never seen before, and i must admit to having a total crush on Mitch Pileggi, and follow him wherever he goes, which is Supernatural right now and a wee bit of SOA too."[4]


Mailing Lists

  • mskslash - "Love Mulder/Skinner slash but hate having to wade through a multi-pairing mailing list? Then come here, to the all Mulder/Skinner list. This is a slash list, so only people that like slash need join." (founded April 1999)



  1. Part of a convention report posted to the Virgule-L mailing list in 1997, quoted anonymously with permission.
  2. FanHistory cites Rosalita's comment in the fanthropology LJ community (offline). Some of this information was repeated here in the slashphilosophy LJ ; reference link.
  3. post to the Virgule-L mailing list dated March 27, 1996 (quoted anonymously with permission).
  4. The Mulder/Skinner Thread! at Xanthe's forum on November 03, 2011.
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