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Name: MediaWest 2012
Dates: May 25-28, 2012
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date: 2012 Convention Page[1]
2012 Convention theme
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Some Facts About the 2012 Convention

cover of the 2012 online program book
  • Approximately 525 fans attended.
  • The convention theme was: "APOCALYPTICON! Celebrating the end of the world...or not. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, the rise of "reality" television, dogs and cats living together -- all signs of a coming apocalypse? Well, it all has to end sometime, so you might as well celebrate with fannish friends! Will we go with a bang or a whimper, nuclear meltdown, new ice age, or zombie infestation? Prepare for the day after and share the rapture of cinematic disaster, doomsday, and post-apocalyptic visions, from A Boy and His Dog to Zardoz."
  • There was a ShadowCast Performance of the Buffy musical "Once More With Feeling." Videos can be viewed here.
  • The Blood Drive was canceled due to a labor dispute.
  • The Fanzine Reading Room added a few new activities: "Now, this year and after a try-out last year, the 'Zine Room expands its array of activities for con members by adding 2 tables (or possibly more) for Role-Playing Gaming under the direction of Chris Kaschafsky, long time gamer and gaming con organizer. A sign-up sheet and schedule with 4 hour time blocks will be posted in the 'Zine Room, to decide what games will be pursued and at what time. There will be up to 14 games available including "Settlers of Catan" -- up to 6 players; "Blokus "-- up to 4 players; "Hero I.K." -- 1-2 players, and the classic "Dungeons and Dragons" -- many players."
  • Starting in 2012, the winner of Door Decoration Contest “Best In Show” received up to 2 free memberships to next years’ convention. Also new that year: "We will have a “MW*C Members Favorite” award!" -- allowing attendees to vote for their favorite door. The progress report contained new rules concerning door decoration: "Due to remodeling the hotel has asked us to limit our decorating to the doors only. No walls next to the doors. No ceiling hanging anythings. Call it old school, call it a return to our origins, call it whatever you like but please respect their request so that we are allowed to continue to have a door decorating competition."
  • It was the first year at MediaWest*Con for the Media Fandom Oral History Project. [2]
  • Two twitter hashtags were used: #MediaWest*Con and #MediaWestCon
  • A copy of the online program guide can be found here.
  • On the unofficial MediaWest Facebook page, fans began sharing their suggestions for improving next year's convention. The convention organizers quickly set up their own Facebook page for MediaWest 2013 and asked for member input. It may have been the first time the convention allowed attendees to discuss the convention in a group setting and with one another as prior to that date, MediaWest would not allow discussions to take place. The official MediaWest mailing list was for announcements only. The same was the case for the MediaWest Blog where comments were disabled.
  • The Causeway Bay Hotel became the Best Western Plus Lansing.


The fan skit written by Gordon Carleton was a parody of Star Trek set to the musical soundtrack of Grease. It was supposed to have been presented last year but it was postponed to 2012. [3]

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2012 Fan Q Awards.

Fan Fund

There were no nominations for the Fan Fund.

Vid Show


Song Interpretation – Single Source (GEN)

  1. "Ball of Confusion" (Chewing Guy for the Eyes)
  2. (tie) "When There's No One Around" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes) and "Friends" (Infinite Fandom Productions)

Song Interpretation – Multi Source (GEN)

  1. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (Spaced Ponies)
  2. "Blood Makes Noise" (Spaced Ponies)
  3. "Nice to Be With You/Tribute Part II" (SiDiC Music Videos)

Humorous (GEN)

  1. "Friends" (Infinite Fandom Productions)
  2. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (Spaced Ponies)
  3. "Holding Out for a Hero" (Franzeska)

Song Interpretation – Single Source (SLASH)

  1. "Losing My Religion" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes)
  2. "Glitter in the Air" (Cosmic Stallions)
  3. "Complicated" (Cosmic Stallions)

Song Interpretation – Multi Source (SLASH)

  1. "That's Amore" (Cosmic Stallions)
  2. "Brand New Girlfriend" (Cosmic Stallions)
  3. "Voices" (Franzeska)

Humorous (SLASH)

  1. "Brand New Girlfriend" (Cosmic Stallions)
  2. "That's Amore" (Cosmic Stallions)
  3. "Who Wants to Vid This Song" (Franzeska)


  1. Spaced Ponies
  2. SiDiC Music Videos

Best in Show

  1. "Glitter in the Air" (Cosmic Stallions)

Producers' Choice for Outstanding Technical or Artistic Merit

  1. "O' Death" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes)

Additional Source:2012 Vid Show Winners[4]

Masquerade Winners

  • The OMG Award Best In Show - Equal Opportunity Sith Lord -- Janice St. Clair
  • The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award -The Return of the Unknown Comic -- Peter Cooper
  • The Weirdest Freaking Presentation We've Seen In A Long Time Award A Supernatural Don't Touch My Rocky Torchwood Picture Show... Who? -- Sam Powell, Victoria Gold, Spener Coates, Nikki Wegrzyn, Devon Burke
  • Costume Most In Need Of Marriage Counseling Award - Doctor & TARDIS -- Allison Keifer, Alyssa Wilson
  • The Little Soft Shoe Award - Time Lord Shuffle -- Kelly Lowrey, Cicatrice du Veritas
  • The Damned Funny Smart & Clever Award - Lost Steampunk -- Gena Fisher, Tammy Latchford, Connie Olberding

Art Show Winners

Winners were judged by popular vote at the convention.

  • Best In Show: Love Noir by Lorraine Brevig
  • Best SF: Spock by Mike Cole
  • Best Fantasy: All That Glitters by Karen River
  • Best Detective: Sherlock: Chameleon by Lorraine Brevig
  • Best Secret Agent: Lifeline by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Animation: Stewy by Mike Cole
  • Best Humor: Grimm & Bear It by Leah Rosenthal
  • Best 3-D: Vacancy by Mestiza Woman
  • Best Fabric: Peace, Love by Ursula Sandman
  • Best Western: 7 Across by Montana
  • Best Horror: Was It Something I Said? by Mike Cole
  • Best Portrait: All That Glitters by Karen River
  • Best Critter: Wasabi by Karen River
  • Personal Favorite: Sherlock & John by Lorraine Brevig
  • Too Cute To Live: Sweet Dreams by Karen River
  • Other: Just Flowers by Sue Uram and Dark Horse by Karen River

A fan made quilt with an Apocalyptic theme also on display with viewers being asked to guess (or decode) the fandoms represented.

The Apocalypti-Quilt key: 1. Day After Tomorrow, 2. 12 Monkeys, 3. Armagedon, 4. Crack In The World, 5. 2012, 6. Day of the Triffids, 7. On The Beach, 8. Dr. Strangelove, 9. The Thing

The Top Decoders: 1. Linda K James, 2. Montana, 3. (tie) Mike Cole, Gary Blog, Dee Beetem, Erika Frensley

Door Decoration Awards


Convention Reports


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  2. Two long-time fans, Morgan Dawn and Franzi have launched the Media Fandom Oral History project. During the convention, they will have timeslots available for folks who’d like to share their unique experience of fandom, the things that drew them to fandom, the friendships they’ve made, the stories, vids, or art that they’ve created and how fandom has impacted their lives. In doing so, our stories will be told using our voices and will be available for future generations to listen to. The recorded audio interviews will be archived at the Fanzine Archives located in Iowa and may eventually be available online via the Organization for Transformative Works (a fan run non-profit). Excerpts may also be included in other print and online projects in the years to come. from Media West 32 Progress Report #1
  3. "Gordon was inspired to write a parody of Star Trek 11 (i.e. reboot) with music from Grease last year. Unfortunately, we were unable to assemble a cast, so it was postponed until this year. Volunteers are needed for all roles, as well as musical accompaniment (a piano is available) and stage ninjas. As it is a musical, most parts involve singing, though some more than others. We need a CHORUS of at least 3 people, who appear as various characters at various times (Vulcans, Cadets, Romulans, etc.) and back up the other cast members. Cast: Roberto Orci, JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Jimmy Kirk, Spock (his younger self), Nero, Spock 1 (his older self), Cadet Uhura, Capt. Christopher Pike, Cadet McCoy, Cadet Sulu, Scotty." from the Media West 32 Progress Report 1.
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