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Name: Flamingo
Type: fanwriter, zine publisher, fan editor, archivist, con organizer, vidder, podficcer
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, Beauty and the Beast
URL: Miami Vice fiction
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Flamingo is a Starsky & Hutch fan who writes, edits and publishes zines. She is the winner of various awards: Sizzler, Screwz, FanQ and STIFfie.

Flamingo is the main organizer for SHarecon and a tireless contributor to the fandom. She is well known for encouraging new fans and discouraging the use of terms like newbie.

Flamingo was instrumental in getting some of the very first Starsky and Hutch zine fiction posted online in 1998. From Black Bean Soup:
Come see our new archive. WE WANNA SHARE (http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Set/4384/index.html). S&H fandom is alive and well on the Net! Grab your blue Adidas, jump into your favorite flashy red car and join the fun! The S&H Archive proudly presents its current feature, the classic zine, The Goliath, written and illustrated by Suzan Lovett. Suzan has graciously allowed us to post her novel on the Net, *complete with its art.* Art and text files kept separate for everyone's convenience. Visit our new site and enjoy this classic piece of fiction and incredible art. Coming attractions: We hope to soon post Suzan's other novel, The Thousandth Man and its art. WE WANNA SHARE *MORE* Our new archive needs submissions. We'd love to give out-of-print S&H stories and art a second life on the Net -- but only with permission of authors & artists. We can provide anonymity. We are also interested in new stories and parts of longer works in progress. We can scan stories and art which aren't in electronic form. We also have editors who can help proof-read and edit any story before posting. As Huggy would say, when the spirit is willing, the Archive is capable of all kindsa groovy stuff! Anyone who is interested in a slash archive should E-mail [Flamingo].

This first archive had at least one morph after its inception and is now at the Starsky and Hutch Archive[1].


Flamingo Says: Style and Themes

Flamingo's work, at least in Miami Vice fandom, frequently covers themes of dubious consent and homosexuality and masculinity. She has commented that she is not personally very fond of Hurt/Comfort (though she still writes it very well):
It's like, let's get over this part, because it's just messy and nasty and my whole theory on hurt/comfort, which completely mystifies me – I do not understand why anybody thinks hurt/comfort is sexy. [laughter] Basically, I write slash so that people will fuck. If I didn't want them to fuck, I would go back to writing pros books. In my pros books nobody ever fucked, because they don't buy those kinds of things in the stuff I wrote, in science fiction. I came to slash so I could write about fucking. And when people are hurt, they don't want to fuck. They want Advil. [laughter] And that's my theory on hurt/comfort. So I find no appeal to it. I don't get it. I think it's creepy; I think it's a little bit icky [laughter]. Like, you know, the whole unnecessary bathing part.

You know, I'm an animal caretaker. I know what it's like to take care of sick things. I don't want to read about it. I just don't. I just don't see the pleasure in it. It doesn't- because my friends day, "What's wrong with you?" I just had to review "99 Miles from L.A." for Crack Van, I barely could get – I edited that story. [laughter] That story wouldn't exist if I hadn't edited the hell out of it. And I had to reread that story, after years of not looking at it, and I'd forgotten how incredibly tedious the entire first section is, where Starsky is recovering from Gunther's wounds, and Hutch has to bathe him, and Hutch has to give him his medicine, and I'm like, "I'll never get through this. [laughter] How am I supposed to rec this horrible fic where the guy just walks around like an invalid for half this story?" It was horrible. I got through it, and it's a great story, but my friend Kerry is saying to me, "There's something wrong with you. Why are you in this fandom?"

I hate the five fics, the five episodes that everybody loves. "Coffin for Starsky", "Shootout", "Bloodbath", you know, "The Fix", and there's at least another one where Starsky is dying by inches. Spare me. Spare me. Though I don't mind "Survival" at all, and "The Fix" doesn't bother me all that much, though we spend way too much time with Hutch throwing up.

Um, but, uh, no, I'm not a big fan of hurt/comfort. I said this at a panel once, that I really don't like hurt comfort, people who are hurt want Advil not sex. And somebody leaned over, Marilyn leaned over and said to me, "Have you even read 'Total Eclipse'?" So that was a bit embarrassing. But I don't consider what I wrote in "Total Eclipse" to be hurt/comfort. Nobody bled; nobody got hit by a car; nobody had a brick building fall on them. To me hurt/comfort usually involves physical hurt. Blood, guts, wounds, broken bones, limping, casts, crutches. I just find that incredibly tedious.

I like psychological problems. I don't think of that as hurt/comfort, but apparently hurt/comfort fans do, and that's fine. Um, but it's, ah, to me that's conflict. You can't have a story without conflict. And conflict usually is brain conflict. You can write a story where the Torino has a flat but I think it has limited appeal. But, psychological problems. I like the guys to be in conflict with each other, but most of the fandom really doesn't. Um, but, ah, no, I could spend my whole life without another hurt/comfort story. [laughter] But people love 'em, so we're gonna have 'em. Yeah, that's my feeling about hurt/comfort. And yeah, I remember Rosemary saying, "Boy, are you in the wrong fandom!" [1]

Flamingo Says: Some Thoughts on Fandom

I still find these guys endlessly fascinating. And I go through entire stretches when I just don't have time to watch episodes, or vids, or anything, or read, and when SHarecon comes around I'm suddenly having to, you know, like right now, I'm stuck doing that, the Crack Van, because nobody signed up for it, and I was afraid they'd drop it. So I signed up for it even though there's only, all the fics I would have recced were already recced, so I'm not quite sure what to do. And I'm scrambling to find stuff to recommend. But, so, it's forcing me to read, which is great; it's good for me. And it's, I'm being forced to watch vids, and I'm having to make time. I've got to do a review of "The Set-Up", which I haven't watched in years, so I'm going to have to watch that a couple times. And the minute they're on a screen, the minute I'm reading really good fic about them, it's like the first day I discovered them. It never gets stale for me if I have the time to spend with them. If I don't have the time to spend with them then it's just a job. But if I can spend some time with them it makes my life better. It makes me happy. You know, I love them, and I hope I will always feel this way, because I enjoy it, even though it makes work for me. It's forced me to meet people I would never have met otherwise. I've made lifelong friends in this fandom, which I did not do in Miami Vice [laughter] and would never have done. I have met wonderful people who are very close to me, who I love very much, just because of this fandom. I think it's a good fandom for engendering relationships because that's what the fandom is about. [2]

Comments from a Fan in 2015

So: there I was, holding it all in, losing my head a bit. Trying hard to hang on.

I went out onto the Internets in the hopes of finding distractions. My brother and I were huge Starsky & Hutch fans in our youth, and I had bought us each copies of the DVD set of the first season. We hung out after chemo and watched episodes, and it seemed to cheer him up. So, after we’d finished watching the first season, I went online to see when the second season would be released, and that led me to the “Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season,” which in turn led me to Flamingo’s Starsky & Hutch Archive, a treasure trove of SH fanfiction.

I’d never heard of fanfiction before — in fact, even fandom as a concept was alien to me — but I started reading it all. It was the perfect distraction. The boys had adventures, and many happy endings and, to my very great surprise, lots of hot sex. This startled me at first, but I’m extremely adaptable.

And then I ran into a death story. I was deep into it before I realized what it was. It’s a good thing I was alone in my apartment, because suddenly, for the first time in that dark, dark period, I started crying. Spectacularly.

Poor Starsky had lost someone closer than a brother. I could weep for him, because it was beyond horrible; at the same time, it was distant enough. It was safe. It was only a story. And then I found a nice Charlotte Frost story to soothe myself afterwards. See? There the boys are, back together and having all sorts of nice, comfortable angst and hot sex.

This may sound very silly to you, but I think Flamingo’s site] saved my sanity. [3]

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