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Synonyms: n00b, neofan, babyfan, noob, neo, newby
See also: regular, Bitter Old Fandom Hag, Bitter Old Fanfic Queen, Newbieguide, Fanosaur
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Newbie is a term most commonly used in online spaces for people who are new to a community such as a fandom or forum, and are unfamiliar with the community's standards of behavior. Behavior that demonstrates unfamiliarity with forum etiquette might be greeted with the injunction to "lurk moar."

One of its antonyms is (forum etc.) regular. Oldbie is sometimes used, and the terms Fanosaur or Bitter Old Fanfic Queen lie at the other end of the spectrum.

The term is often used neutrally, but it can also be an insult. Some fans dislike it, feeling that its use discourages new fans from joining a fandom or participating. In Starsky & Hutch fandom, for example, Flamingo promotes the use of "new recruit" as a more positive alternative.

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