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Name: Godawful Fan Fiction, GAFF
Dates: October 15, 1998-present (founded the same day as Fanfiction.net)
Type: meta
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: http://www.godawful.net/
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Godawful Fan Fiction is a website devoted to mocking badfic.

From the main page:
Three small words that bring terror to the hearts and bile to the throats of the bravest souls. We've scoured the 'net since 1998 to bring you the foulest fan fiction available and we like to think that we're responsible for many a dry heave and sleepless night, but the truth of the matter is, we just showcase these abominations. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank those deluded souls actually writing Godawful Fan Fiction, without whom this site would never have been possible. Or necessary.

Please note: This website contains adult material and is suitable for adults only.

When you've had your fill of slash, gen, and 'ship fiction (fanfic terms for various character enganglements), when you groan at the arrival of each new "Mary Sue" (a ludicrously empowered author proxy), when you find yourself wishing every story you read had been beta-ed (i.e. edited), then it's time to visit Godawful Fan Fiction, where the worst fan fiction on the Web is filleted with the hot knife of peer criticism. - The New York Times Book Review



Godawful Star Trek Fan Fiction is created and made available to the public on a free Tripod page. The Wayback Machine has an archived copy of the site from October 5th 1998 here


After numerous death threats, threats of legal action and outraged claims that we would be the death of fan fiction we are finally TOSsed from Tripod. We never liked their pop-ups anyway. We set up shop on a another free server.
The first Godawful Message Board goes online as a direct result of requests from our regulars sick of using the guestbook as a default forum. That link will take you to our very first guestbook where the oldest message is dated Wednesday, May 12th 1999 - 03:12:35 PM (older messages had already scrolled off and are now lost). Also of note for gafftorians - the tail end of our very first flamewar (Cheile vs GAFF over her Star Trek: Voyager story set on the Titanic) is archived there.
Mary Sue Whipple is born on the Message Board.


We get a blurb in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine!
Godawful Star Trek Fan Fiction morphs into Godawful Fan Fiction as we turn our attention to all fandoms. No one is safe.
Our second message board goes online after our first ceases to exist. Traffic picks up.
Two words. Aaron Agassi.


Johnny Wizard, our resident troll, begins posting.



US TV Guide considers us one of "the Internet's best web sites"
We get a mention in the UK newspaper The Guardian.
GAFF goes down! Our free host reduces our bandwith to zero, forcing us offline, although loyal Regulars continue to fight the good fight on the message board.
Due to the growing popularity of the message board, despite its clunky interface, we move up to our bigger, better, faster, third message board.


Our third message board is TOSsed! Woe!
Godawful Fan Fiction goes legit and finally gets its own domain. We are TOSSproof at last! Sadly, Johnny Wizard is lost in the shuffle.
The New York Times Book Review singles us out for attention.
After existing in reduced circumstances for far too long the main site finally returns! Huzzah!


We get wicked-awesome new forums and traffic goes through the roof. Verily, The Golden Times are upon us.
Our prodigal troll, Johnny Wizard, reappears. Aw, bless.


The forums become too successful for their own good and the site outgrows its server space. Alas, access to the forums is limited, and there is much gnashing of teeth.
The webmaster disappears, despair descends, the end is nigh. Woe!


Rebirth! The webmaster returns from exile (looking suspiciously tanned) and finally bites the bullet and purchases GAFF its very own server.[1]

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  1. Godawful Fan Fiction - A Brief History, via Wayback: 07 December 2008. (Accessed 01 April 2013)
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