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Squee has had wide-spread usage in fandom as both verb and noun, as an onomatopoetic expression of enthusiasm and joy. Its antonym is squick, as both words refer to a visceral, sometimes unreasonable, set of feelings. Finding a fanwork that expresses one's kink might cause one to squee, but kink and squee are not synonyms. Rather, the kink is the wish, and the squee is the sensation of having one's wish fulfilled or the enthusiastic response it engenders.

In general, a common feature of (self-proclaimed) fangirling is to focus primarily on squeeing for one's BSO rather than on analysis, criticism, or topics which might be less amenable to dolphin noises. "I fangirl that show so hard" is a common format for expressing squee, with the understanding implicit that the speaker does not want to be required to explain or justify her reaction.

In August, 2013, squee was added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online[1], including the example:

I squeed like a 14-year-old fangirl when I found out

This may have been the high point in usage. By 2016, as fandom moved to Tumblr, the word has fallen out of favor.

Usage and Examples

"My wall of squee is impenetrable. I don't care if she can't act, I love her."

"I squeed so hard when the villain got his comeuppance!"

"SQUEEEE! They've cast Blocky McConcrete for my favorite show!"

Harshing the squee

"(to) harsh someone's squee" (also known as "pissing in [someone]'s cheerios") is to respond with criticism to an expression of squee, or to criticize something which another fan is squeeing over, and thus spoil their enjoyment of it.[2] Harshing someone's squee is sometimes considered an unkind or uncouth thing to do; in other instances it is an unkind term applied to a simple difference of opinion. Some fans will begin their squeeful reactions with a statement intended to ward off well-meaning people with less positive reactions; others routinely warn that they are not entirely squeeful, and would rather not receive Pollyanna or enthusiastic responses.


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