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Fan Club
Name: Forces of the Empire (F.O.E.)
Dates: 1980-present
Founder(s): Pat Grant
Country based in:
Focus: Star Wars
External Links: archived website outlining the club
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Forces of the Empire is a Star Wars fan club formed by Pat Grant in 1980 and still active today. One of Forces of the Empire's activities is the blaster battle at MediaWest*Con, a live action role-playing event usually taking place on Saturday night of the convention.

Club Zines

A Description

F.O.E. is a multi-faceted club. We seem to have become a mostly role-playing club. Members create their own SW personas, and role-play together through letters, phone calls, newsletter transmissions, and stories. Some stories are printed in our newsletter, longer ones go into the zine, Tales from the Cantina. However, we also have several non-role-play features in the newsletter, such as the Discussion Corner, where members talk about different topics (one topic per issue) and From a Certain Point of View, where members write reviews of books, zines, and other things. We have several members who do not create personas and enjoy the newsletter for these other things. But the role-play has become the largest part and the newsletter contains sections for each of the five main divisions. We even have some reporter personas with two "newspaper" sections. It's all rather amusing and lots of fun. By the way, F.O.E. was formed in 1980 (under a different name) and changed names in 1987. We have published the newsletter under different formats and are up to issue #74. Not long ago, we looked ahead and realized that issue #100 will be due out in February of 2001! Our first newsletter of the New Century! We hope to make it very big and very special! If anyone is interested, I do bring the club archives with me to the con every year, so you can see every issue we ever printed.... ...we do live action role-play and have rules of our own. We don't use dice at all. We do have statistics with ranks assigned only for the purpose of determining things, such as who shot whom, if role-play doesn't work. It's like being in a play, without a script. We get points by reaching certain goals and by capturing certain items. One interesting historic fact about F.O.E.: Originally it began as a sort of joke. I was a member of a group in Florida known as The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces, run by Paula Truelove (of Flip of a Coin fame). Some friends and I decided to give her a little friendly fun and began sending Imperial transmissions to her Rebel Royalness. Someone suggested we should turn it all into an actual club, offering friendly competition to the Rebel "upstarts". So, laughing through it all, I typed up (on a manual typewriter) the first issue of Executor Logs, the newsletter of The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces. It was 2 pages long. And it went out to 15 people. Boy, have we come a long way from such an amusing beginning! [1]

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  1. from Pat Grant in Southern Enclave #40 (1994)
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