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This help page provides instructions for how to create, organize and develop articles about individual fanworks. See Help:Starting a new page for basic information about creating a page.

See also Help:Zines or Help:Podfic for information about editing zine or podfic pages.

Fanlore contributors are encouraged to create pages to document individual fanworks in the wiki. Fanworks can include fanfiction, vids, AMVs, machinima, doujinshi, fan films, fanart, fanzines, filk, fancomics, fanpoetry, audiofic, meta essays, how-to guides, and more.


What fanworks can I add?

Fanlore is not a directory of all fanworks that have ever existed. However, one notable exception is Fanlore's collection of articles on fanzines and other print materials, which aims to be comprehensive. In general, the grounds for inclusion are subjective: if fans like it (or hate it, but talk about it), it's probably worth including.

If it's your favorite, it belongs here!

How do I name the page?

In general, the name of a fanworks page should be the title of the fanwork. Follow the capitalization of the fanwork's title.

The author or creator's name should appear only in the text on the page and in the infobox, unless needed for disambiguation. See Help:Disambiguation Naming Conventions for more details.

See also Help:Naming Conventions.

What Next?

There are templates and categories available to add to fanworks pages. See also Help:Templates and Help:Categories.

Add a Template

When in doubt, use the generic fanwork template for fanwork pages. However, there are templates specifically designed for

More templates we're working on:

Add Categories

All of the above templates automatically add either the fanworks category or one of its subcategories to the page. However, we don't have templates for every type of fanwork (yet), so you will sometimes need to assign additional categories manually:

Finally, you should add the appropriate fandom category and date, if known.

What content should I add?

A brief description of the work would not go amiss. The templates prompt you for the basics, like

  • author/creator
  • title
  • format/genre
  • fandom
  • date created
  • links, if applicable

You may also want to include other relevant characteristics such as plot and characters if it's a fic, song choice if it's a vid, etc.

If applicable, images can make a page look prettier.

Print zines and other fanworks that are not available online may be described in more detail. Enumerating the contents of long-running zines can take up quite a bit of space. For example, see T'hy'la (Star Trek: TOS anthology).

Other possible topics include:

  • whether the fanwork won awards
  • how it was received by the fan community
  • what people say about it
  • whether it influenced other fanworks and how
  • whether it was influenced by a particular fanwork and how
  • ???

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