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Journal Community
Name: Fail.Fandom.Anon
Date(s): 2010 - present
Moderator: the sunnys
Founder: sunnycamehome2u
Type: Livejournal anonmeme
Fandom: panfandom
URL: main meme on dreamwidth

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Fail-Fandomanon is an anonmeme started to discuss the VividCon warnings wank of 2010.[1]

It quickly grew to become a panfandom anonmeme where any fannish subject as well as fails of most kinds are on topic.

Meme Profile and Basics

"Fail_fandomanon started out about one thing - a place to complain about convention policies, warnings and special snowflakes. It has evolved into being an anon meme about almost everything fandom related.
F_FA has been described as suffering from "Death by Earnestness". We know this, and we own it."[2]

In November 2011, more than 365 namespace accounts responded to a headcount poll [3], implying that at least that many memers visit the meme at least once per post to lurk or comment.

An informal survey thread, also from November 2011, revealed that the anons on the meme include humans ranging from age 17 to >62 as well as vampires, elves, trees, dragons, undead cats, rocks, ponies, and several elderly dinosaurs.[4]

In case of LiveJournal outage, there was a backup Dreamwidth meme.[5]

On July 5, 2014, the meme officially moved to Dreamwidth because Livejournal had become too unreliable.[6]

The meme has a small unofficial wiki.[7]

Meme culture

Popular recurring subjects include but are not limited to: SJ (social justice) and SJW (social justice warriors and wanking), fungus!poetry, countrywank, neo-prodigy, ponies, the ugliness of Nathan Fillion, discussions on fandoms too small to have their own anonmeme, recs of all kinds.[8]

Memers are sometimes referred to as gentlefailers.[9]

ur-Sunny (FFA's founding moderator, sunnycamehome2u) may, at her discretion, award first responders to a new post user icons known as "Seal of Firstness," "Seal of Secondses", "Seal of Thirdses", and the Double Seals; a few later responders may get a visit from the consolation pony (Consolation the Pony) or Consolation's pony friends. The Sealses and ponies may RP with memers for a few comments.

Although a subset of memers complain about anons' ridiculous eagerness to be awarded a Seal or Pony, first commenters to a new post are rarely responded to with "tool" or ridiculed (as much) as at some other memes or communities.[10] When ur-Sunny is especially busy, critters may go on hiatus.

Several auxiliary posts exist for tangential topics, such as Religion[11], Aging[12], Personal issues[13], Fic post[14], and a Friending Meme[15]. Every so often gentlefailers debate about additional topics that should potentially get their own auxiliary posts, the deadness of the existing auxiliary posts, and why most auxiliary post topics should be merged back into the main posts.

As of LiveJournal release 88 (the one that broke comments for anon memes and subject-line dependent comms of all kinds such as RP and kink memes), there is also a Subject Line Coding post[16], which combines css modifications made by various people, including one of FFA's moderators and an Inception anon meme mod, into copy & pastable code that lets any meme moderators who wish to use the code give their meme the appearance and most of the functionality of pre-release 88 comments (i.e., comment subject lines, less whitespace, no paperbagged default icon for anonymous commenters, etc.).

Multiple threads on the meme have posited that FFA now fulfills the functions that currently largely inactive LiveJournal community metafandom and Journalfen community Fandom Wank did in their heyday.[17]

Meme Rules

The short version: no embeds, don't out people's real names, don't be that much of an asshole, body fluids are off topic, mods reserve the right to delete the fuck out of stuff. Meme away.[18]

The long version:[19]
In essence: We may be assholes. We just aren’t that kind of assholes. Respect the flock, respect other humans, and respect yourselves. We have a very expansive view of “fandom”, and for an anon meme we can be painfully sincere.

FFA is a Choose NOT to Warn experience.

Main Rules:

  • No pictures, real names, no detailed locations.
  • Religion or lack thereof is off topic
  • Fatwank is banned
  • Telling people to kill themselves is not cool
  • Try to name your threads
  • No embeds. Of any kind. Ever
  • No underage porn
  • Deliberate un-anon comments will be deleted - only exception is for limited promotional posts for other communities
  • p.m. the mod account or put 'hey mods' in the topic if something needs attention

Rules About Specific Topics:

  • Andrew Blake/Thanfiction: The person known as Amy Player, Victoria Bitter, Jordan Wood, Andrew Blake, Thanfiction, and several other names should be referred to using male pronouns, Arguing over his gender identity, or if he meets a certain definition of trans distracts from the real issue, which is that he's a manipulative lying asshole.
  • If you have an issue with being outed, or with something that does not need immediate attention via a 'hey mods', you can leave it as a comment on this post. The comments are and will remain screened. Embeds, pagebreaks, and blatant trolling should get a 'hey mods' on the current post.

Friends Lock Guidelines:

Generally speaking- respect the friends lock. We aren’t that kind of asshole.

  • If it was posted unlocked, and later locked? Go ahead and post the caps, discuss.
  • If it was posted locked to a large open membership community, where anyone can join by clicking the button? Go ahead and post the caps, discuss.
  • If it was posted locked and never unlocked? Don't post it.
  • If it was posted locked to a small or selective membership community? Don't post it.

Recaps are allowed with discretion. Some guiding examples:

  • "Sunnycamehome2u keeps making locked posts about how the lurkers support her in email" - OK
  • "Probably 20 people on my friends list have made locked posts talking about how Sunnycamehome2u's inability to spell pisses them off" - OK.
  • "Sunnycamehome2u made a locked post with xxxxxxx text, and lj user a, b, c, d all commented. Plus her grandmother is dying, she's living in a van down by the river, and her cat tried to make love to her iphone"- NOT ok.

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  1. "It was the VividCon wank, and I got tired of having a conversation in email about it. I wanted other people expanded into it. And I remembered checking out the SPN anon meme. And how I used to dearly love fandom wank, back in the day. So I set up the meme. [...] I wasn't expecting the meme to last a week. Mostly, I was pissed about slingbabies and irrational warning demands. And here it is a year and a half later. Who knew?" from comment in "How did you get here?" thread, 6 Dec 2011. (Accessed 8 Dec 2011). In 2012, the community moderator went into greater details: "In the summer of 2010, a massive wank developed about VividCon, a small con devoted to fanvids. This wank had to do with the issue of what warnings, if any should be required for the vids. At a convention where there had been an implicit 'choose not to warn' policy. 98% of the people involved in the wank had never, and would never attend the convention. As a side to the wank, it was deemed terrible and discriminatory against women that anyone under 18 was banned from the con. The ban is for legal reasons. This fell into a discussion about slingbabies. Small children, attached to the parent, and worn in a sling. I grew tired of sending an email chain, and created an anon meme- something with which I was only vaguely familiar, having spent about 5 minutes at SPNPermanaon. And much to my surprise, it took off. That is it. The whole, boring, and entire story. And for the record, I still believe that there are times and places where banning anyone under 18, even in a sling is the appropriate choice." Why FFA Was Started by sunnycamehome2u dated April 12, 2012.
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