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Name: Donna Noble
Occupation: Temp, companion
Location: UK, present day
Status: alive but mindwiped
Relationships: The Doctor, Lee, Shaun Temple, granddaughter of Wilfred Mott
Fandom: Doctor Who
Other: played by the actor and comedian Catherine Tate
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Donna Noble was one of The Doctor's companions during the Tenth Doctor era of Doctor Who.

Her relationship with the Doctor in canon was a strong friendship, without the shippy vibes that cropped up with several of the other New Who companions.

{Initial negative reaction viz Runaway Bride, turning into much-beloved companion over the course of Series 4?}

Donna Noble's story is heartbreaking. Of all the companions we've met so far in the revived Doctor Who, I'd argue that her arc is one of the widest and definitely the saddest. I was going to say "tragic", but apparently Aristotle's theory of tragedy involves a reversal of fortune that is down to an action taken by the hero. Donna, instead, is caught in the web of fate, tying her inexorably to the Doctor. [...] Fate has not been kind to Donna, but without her the universe would have suffered beyond belief. She might never know it, but she was completely magnificent.[1]



Probably the most common trope in Donna Noble stories is fixing the end of series 4, which many fans were unhappy with for taking away Donna’s memories and thus the character development that had happened over the course of the series. Fanworks are often focused on the canon friendship between Donna and the Doctor or are focused on the Doctor/Donna relationship as romantic pairing.




  • Don't Slow Down by seduff, dashafeather said of Don't Slow Down, "This is very well edited, fast paced, and truly captures the YAY-BFF feeling series 4 had."[2]



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