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Name: Rose Tyler
Occupation: Doctor's companion, Torchwood (parallel world)
Title/Rank: Bad Wolf, Dame Rose of the Powell Estate
Location: Pete's World (parallel world)
Status: Alive
Relationships: The Doctor, Mickey Smith, Captain Jack Harkness
Fandom: Doctor Who
Other: Portrayed by Billie Piper.
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Rose Tyler, portrayed by Billie Piper, becomes the Doctor's first companion of the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who. She is the first companion to be the focus of an episode, as 'Rose' follows her rather than the Doctor for much of its length. She is also the first companion to have a family as a significant part of her life, and the first to experience domestic conflict surrounding her travels with the Doctor. Companions since Rose have all followed this model, with some leaving families behind at home while others divide their time between traveling and having a regular life. She is the first companion to canonically consider a romantic relationship with the Doctor; for this reason her character is a source of conflict among fans, and she is often a victim of character bashing.

In Series 1 Rose is established as being 19 years old. This makes her the first contemporary Earth teenager to travel with the Doctor since Dodo Chaplet in 1966.

Character Biography

Rose grew up on the Powell Estate in London. Her father died when she was a baby, leaving her mother Jackie to raise her alone. When the Doctor first meets her, she is working in a retail shop, and dating Mickey Smith, a neighbor she has known all her life. The Ninth Doctor saves her from the Autons, then blows up the store where she works, leaving her both unemployed and intrigued by this otherworldly stranger.

The Doctor repeatedly tracks the Autons' signals back to Rose, first at her apartment, later at a restaurant where she shares a meal with a strangely altered Mickey. After Mickey is revealed as an Auton duplicate, Rose takes her first trip in the TARDIS, helps the Doctor find the source of the control signal, and saves his life with gymnastics skills left over from primary school. After first declining to travel with him, citing her mother and Mickey as reasons to stay, she changes her mind when he informs her he can travel in time.

Rose's first few adventures end awkwardly, when the Doctor accidentally returns her home a year late. She has been reported missing; Mickey has been questioned in her disappearance, and suspected of her murder. Then Mickey and Jackie learn the truth when the Slitheen invade Downing Street and it takes all four of them - plus MP Harriet Jones - to save the day. At the end of that adventure, they attempt to persuade her to stay, but she goes off anyway, promising to return in ten seconds.

Growing up, Rose listened to her mother's stories of her dad, "the most wonderful man in the world," who died alone after being hit by a car. The opportunity of a time machine proves too much for her. However, instead of comforting him in his last moments, she impulsively saves him. Though her actions endanger the universe, she gets to know the father she had never met, and he proves himself a hero in the end - saving the universe and justifying her mother's tales.

Following an emergency distress call to wartime London, Rose and the Doctor meet former Time Agent Captain Jack Harkness. Rose is quickly attracted to his good looks and flirtatious manner, and trusts him to come through for them when he seems to be out only for himself. Jack lives up to her expectations and joins the TARDIS crew, becoming a fast friend.

When the three of them encounter Daleks controlling humanity via television programming, the Doctor sends Rose back to her own time for her safety. However, having seen the universe - and the things the Doctor can do - she is unwilling to sit back and do nothing. She persuades Mickey and Jackie to help her save the Doctor, and becomes all-powerful after looking into the heart of the TARDIS. She destroys the Dalek army, brings Jack back to life, and scatters the words "Bad Wolf" through time and space, to bring herself to this place. In fact it was the words "Bad Wolf," turning up in adventure after adventure, that gave her hope in the first place. But the TARDIS energy proves too much for her fragile human form; to save her life, the Doctor absorbs the energy from her body, which leads to his regeneration.

The new Doctor is a stranger, and also clearly unwell. He crashes the TARDIS on the Powell Estate at Christmastime, then quickly passes out, leaving Rose to face a Sycorax invasion without him. Frightened and feeling helpless, she hides her family in the TARDIS; but when the Sycorax find her, she gathers all her courage to face them as the Doctor would have done. Fortunately, he revives just in time to save them all, and prove to her that he's still her Doctor. She rejoins him on his travels without reservation.

In her second season, Rose's travels with the Doctor are focused on having fun; they grow careless of others' feelings, making jokes while Lady Isobel grieves, and overconfident in themselves. Rose receives a surprise when she meets Sarah Jane Smith, and discovers that she, far from being the Doctor's special friend, is only the latest in a long line. Briefly she doubts whether he cares for her at all. The Doctor tries to explain things from his point of view, but in the end it's Sarah Jane who persuades her that traveling with him is worthwhile.

During these travels, Rose and the Doctor grow closer, even beginning to fall in love. At the end of the season, Rose chooses him over her family when Mickey and Jackie are trapped with Pete Tyler in a parallel universe. Of course fate intervenes, and she is trapped with them and separated from her Doctor forever.

Never one to be held back, Rose takes a job at Torchwood in the parallel universe. When the walls between the worlds begin to collapse, due to Davros' reality bomb, she works to get a message to the Doctor, finally finding him again during a Dalek invasion. This time, when he leaves her behind in the parallel universe, he also leaves a clone copy of himself - a version who can spend the rest of his life with her, which the Time Lord version cannot. While she initially rejects the copy, she ultimately accepts him, as he is willing to share his feelings for her while the Time Lord is not.


For many new fans, Rose was their first companion and took on a special significance. She appears regularly on the first two seasons of the new Doctor Who series, and has several guest appearances in later seasons.

Some, including showrunner Steven Moffat, give Rose and actress Billie Piper a share of the credit for the successful return of Doctor Who. Moffat Explains

During the time Rose was trapped in Pete's World, she made numerous efforts to contact the Doctor. Evidence of these efforts appeared in S4. Beyond that, little is explained in canon about what she did in that time, leaving it a rich setting for fanworks.


Rose is commonly shipped with some incarnation of the Doctor, usually Nine, Ten, or Ten II (the meta-crisis Tenth Doctor). She has not canonically met other incarnations, but she's shipped with them as well.

Rose has also been shipped with Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, and Donna Noble.

Rose Tyler is canonically in a romantic relationship with the Doctor by the second season of rebooted Doctor Who. It has been established by the BBC and Doctor Who writer's that Rose Tyler remains the only person the Doctor was ever truly in love with. Many fans have come to the conclusion that the Doctor is demisexual.



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  • The Polar Bears' Golf Club by Doyle -- gen adventure with Ace
  • Stardust Girl by riversrunthroughme - She's doing this to him because she loves him - well, some other version of him. The one in the real world - but she's doing this because she loves him. Really. Really, really. He'll understand soon. Just not right now. But he'll understand. Eventually, Rose Tyler will make him understand everything, even this. Words: 9548. Rose/10.5. Dark!fic
  • An Ordinary Life in the AU Rose and the Doctor's adventures in Pete's World


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