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Title: The Osiris Files
Publisher: PK&BH
Osiris Publications
Editor(s): Joy Harrison
Date(s): 1987-1994
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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The Osiris Files is a gen multimedia fanzine. There are eight issues.


As described in the zine's ad:
Devoted to the many and wonderous realms of science fiction and fantasy, in these zines you can fly with the freedom of an eagle aboard a unique super-sonic helicopter; travel through space with a rag-tag fleet of refugees as they search for safety on a possibly mythical world; combat an evil, corrupt Empire with the brave warriors of the Rebel Alliance; explore new worlds and new civilizations on the starship Enterprise; explore the ancient civilizations of our own world with Indiana Jones, and much more.

Controversy Regarding a Story in the First Issue

About "Survive the Alliance": "An unauthorized version of this story apeared in OSIRIS FILES 1 and 2, but the official version [was] available in a stand-alone 'zine from Sharon Monroe. The scoop, from Laura Michaels: Sharon Monroe pulled her story from [OSIRIS]. The Osiris Files continued to publish *their own version* and claimed the story was theirs. Sharon went on to publish the *entire* story in Survive the Alliance (her 'zine). Osiris Files did not have the entire story so could not publish an identical piece. They started with Sharon's work and supposedly diverged from there. " [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
title page of "None So Blind" -- artist is Toni Hardeman

The Osiris Files 1 was published in 1987 and contains 120 pages.

  • Mori is the cover artist
  • None So Blind by Linda Ruth Pfonner—Hawke Is accused of a series of vicious political assassinations. (Airwolf) (5)
  • Tenth Anniversary Art Portfolio by Joan Hanke-Woods (Star Wars) (49)
  • Angels We Have Heard on High by Mary Robertson—A little girl meets an "angel". (Greatest American Hero) (63)
  • Tales of Sagittara by Lisa Mudano—On the night of a longed-for armistice with the Cylons, workers at a space dock find themselves In the middle of an Invasion. (Battlestar Galactica) (69)
  • Star Dancing by Mary Robertson (Original Fiction) (86)
  • Retrospective Art Portfolio by Joan Hanke-Woods (Star Trek (TOS)) (87)
  • Survive the Alliance, Pt. 3 by Lisa Mudano — The Visitors have invaded Earth, the Resistance has called for help—and the Colonials and the Cylons have both answered. Apollo is shot down by a menacing something that resembles a marine mammal with a propeller beanie; The Firm is called to investigate the wreckage of an alien spacecraft; and Starbuck is kidnapped by...a talking automobile? Battlestar Galactica/V): The Series (See note about this story at the beginning of this page.) (99)

Issue 2

cover issue #2, Jean C.

The Osiris Files 2 was published in 1988 and contains 170 pages. Jean C. is the cover artist.

Issue 3

The Osiris Files 3 has a cover by Sandra Santara. The zine was published in May 1989 and contains 175 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • Saved by a Pawn by L.A. Carr—McCall receives a menacing telephone call, and Vincent intervenes In an apparent mugging. (Beauty and the Beast/The Equalizer) (7)
  • Musings of a Country Doctor by Mary Robertson (Star Trek (TOS)) (40)
  • The Price of Survival by Jeannie Webster (Indiana Jones) (41)
  • Blue Monday by Mary Robertson (Simon and Simon) (50)
  • Forget Me Not, Sucker by Joyce Ashcroft—Colonel Decker resorts to truth drugs, and someone else is out to get the A-Team... (The A-Team) (51)
  • Images Art Portfolio by Delphyne Mori (Blade Runner) (87)
  • Plague Bullet by Linda Ruth Pfonner—The KGB hunts Hawke as he flees with a Russian scientist who possesses the antidote to a lethal plague... (Airwolf) (97)
  • Damned If I Do by Beth Bowles (Star Trek (TOS)) (113)
  • Damned If I Don't by Beth Bowles (Star Trek (TOS)) (113)
  • Writer's Cramp by Rodney Ruff—Walter Stock is back, with enough ideas to keep any author busy for a lifetime; but his computer Is quite literally possessed, and his latest crop of visitors include a demon assassin, a hologram, a paranoid mutant, and the police... (Multimedia) (114)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

The Osiris Files 4 was published in May 1990 and contains 175 pages. Delphyne Mori did the front and back covers.

  • Great Scotts by Mary Robertson—Jean-Luc Picard meets a potentially dangerous youngster named Jimmy... (Star Trek: TNG) (5)
  • Monologue by Mary Robertson (Star Trek: TOS) (9)
  • The Big Bad Wolfe by Joyce Ashcroft—Little Orphan Murdock and his invisible dog Sandy join the rest of the A-Team to take on a dishonest construction company. (The A-Team) (10)
  • Heritage by Mary Robertson (Battlestar Galactica) (41)
  • Ransom Demand by Linda Ruth Pfonner—Hawke is kidnapped by a chemist with a lethal new drug, and a band of terrorists threaten the entire state of California. (Airwolf) (43)
  • Share the Night by Mary Robertson (Beauty and the Beast) (92)
  • Writer's Workshop by Rodney Ruff—Walter Stock returns; his novel finished, he has a blind date with a woman who is tall, lovely, and green—then his other visitors begin to arrive! (Multimedia) (94)
  • Stars and Sand by Mary Robertson (Star Wars) (134)

Issue 5

The Osiris Files 5 was published in May 1991 and contains 104 pages and has a front cover by Holly Bird.

  • The Demon by Lisa Golladay—A Warrior takes a wrong turn late one night, and ventures into...not the Twilight Zone, but a mad, drunken tale of offended territorial imperative. (Battlestar Galactica) (5)
  • Hopes and Fears of All the Years by Mary Robertson—Sam is a priest, and it's Christmas... (Quantum Leap) (10)
  • Will You Steele Need Me? by Louann Qualls—Daniel Chalmers remembers his first, long-ago meeting with Steele. (Remington Steele) (25)
  • Overdue by Mary Robertson—Late library books make a waterlogged hero out of Rick. (Simon and Simon) (58)
  • Writer's Style by Rodney Ruff—Walter Stock is guest of honour at a science fiction convention—and faces a raucous room party, an obnoxious roommate, pizzas, panthers, strange women in towels... (Multimedia) (61)

Issue 6

The Osiris Files 6 was published in May 1992 and has a front cover by Holly Bird.

cover of issue #6
  • The Domino Effect by Joyce E. Ashcroft—Long retired from the spy business, Alexander Scott is reunited with an old friend—and a deadly enemy. (I Spy) (7)
  • Red Tape by Mary Robertson (Simon and Simon) (33)
  • Kindred Spirits by Mary Robertson—Jonathan McKensie and Benny hunt a killer ghost, one whose haunts are painfully close to home. (Shadow Chasers) (37)
  • Zena's Diary: Starbuck by Lisa Mudano Dalton (Battlestar Galactica) (52)
  • Prince of Thieves Art Portfolio by Del Woods (Robin Hood) (61)
  • Dinosaurs Don't Dance by Mary Robertson—Sam helps an old man keep the most important promise of his life. (Quantum Leap) (67)
  • Writer's Vacation by Rodney Ruff (Multimedia) (74)
  • Hell Hath No Fury by L.M. Dalton—Vincent and Catherine confront a satanic spectre, with the aid of a visitor from the books of Mercedes Lackey... (Beauty and the Beast/Diana Tregarde) (75)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Marianne Howarth

The Osiris Files 7 was published in May 1993 and contains 124 pages. It has a front cover by Marianne Howarth.

Issue 8

The Osiris Files 8 was published in May 1994.


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