Simon's Side of the Fountain

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Title: Simon's Side of the Fountain
Publisher: Songs from the Sewers
Author(s): Valaria
Cover Artist(s): Virginia Sky
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Virginia Sky

Simon's Side of the Fountain is a 112-page slash and het Sentinel digest-sized novel by Valaria.


This 5-story arc, written by Valaria, is from Simon Banks' point of view. The reality and the nightmare of Blair's drowning and resurrection at the fountain recurrs in Banks' dreams through all the stories. Jim and Blair have found their way to each other by the end of the first tale, and stay together thoughout the zine, but we are not in their bedroom; we're in Simon's. With Banks in a wheelchair after the shootout in Major Crimes, Blair has a crisis of conscience over the offer of a gold shield, and Naomi appoints herself as Simon's primary (and live-in) therapist, with expected results. Secrets are revealed as the stories unfold: what Simon has been keeping from Naomi, Naomi's fears, and what Jim has been hiding from Blair as well as himself. [1]


The chapters:

  • Sometimes I Feel 3
  • On the Ledge 14
  • Coming Clean 44
  • Cattus Interruptus 76
  • Weighing the Dice 89
  • Epilogue 110


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