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Journal Community
Name: Nocturne Alley
Date(s): 2002-2004
Moderator: anonymous
Founder: anonymous
Type: closed community RPG
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: main community
watcher community
website (archived copy)

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Nocturne Alley was a Harry Potter Role-Playing Game that ran on LiveJournal from 2002 to 2004.[1] Nocturne Alley was hugely popular among HP fans.

The game's conceit was that computers had been installed in Hogwarts, and every student and staff member (with the exception of Dumbledore) was required to keep an online journal. Other members of the community, notably the Malfoy and Weasley adults, also kept journals. There were more than forty players in all, each of whom posted in their individual RP journals in addition to the main LiveJournal community. The game had a huge following.

Fans set up a watcher community, NrAged, "to discuss the activities and developments of their favorite RPG."[2] NrAged is a reference to the Draco character's penchant for selecting "enraged" from the Current Mood box in all of his posts. [3]


Player identities were carefully protected during the game's duration so as not to ruin the illusion for the audience. While some people were open about their participation in the game, few players were open about which roles they played. The identity of Malfoy, Harry, and Cassandra Claire's character especially were vigilantly guarded secrets until nearly a year after the game ended.

weatherby (aka breed or miss breed) - was the main organizer, owner, and player of the group, filling in for other players as necessary, and structuring most of the main storylines. Weatherby played the role of Draco Malfoy (potterstinks ) for the duration of the game. This fan also alternated the role of Harry (just_harry ) with the LJ user font , taking over the role completely near the end of the game, when Font left the HP fandom. Weatherby also played many of the minor regular characters such as the popular Lisa Turpin, Ernie MacMillan, and most of the faculty/staff, as well as occasionally taking over for other characters.

Character Player
Harry Potter Font, Weatherby
Draco Malfoy Weatherby
Ron Weasley Altricial
Hermione Granger Hermorrine, Aspen
Milicent Bulstrode Altricial
Sirius Black Jade, Tradescant, Moony
Remus Lupin Moony
Professor Snape Kissaki, Telanu, Moony
Lucius Malfoy Nancy Malfoy
Neville Longbottom Peg Kerr
Professor Vector Aja
Colin Creevey Aja, Flourish
Terry Boot Cassandra_Claire
Professor Flitwick Flourish
Parvati Patil Thessamunga
Padma Patil Legomymalfoy
Lavender Brown Altricial
Goyle Mizzy
Pansy Parkinson Dee / Deche
Ginny Weasley Aspen
Cho Chang Lasair, Moony
Dean Thomas Tartanpants
Arthur Weasley Thessamunga

Other players:



many more....


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