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Name: Karl Urban
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor
Medium: TV, movie
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Karl Urban is an actor from New Zealand who has appeared in several films and television shows with large fandoms.

He first appeared on the fannish radar in 1996 when he became Cupid on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys after he made his debut as a different guest character on Xena: Warrior Princess earlier that year.

Cupid became a recurring character in both shows and in 1997 Karl Urban appeared as Julius Caesar in a Xena episode. Caesar turned out to be a popular adversary of Xena and became a recurring character as well. Karl appeared at Xena conventions like WarriorCon in 1997[1] and had the opportunity to get to know fandom and fans[2] before he later played Eomer in the 2001-2003 film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, which gained him international recognition and a huge fandom.

In 2004 he appeared in The Chronicles of Riddick and The Bourne Supremacy, both rare fandoms with Yuletide presence.

In 2009 he played Doctor McCoy in the Star Trek (2009) film, which catapulted him back into the big fandom league.


Karl Urban appears as a character in RPF fanfiction in two fandoms: Lotrips and Star Trek RPF. During his time on XWP and Hercules real people fiction was still a fannish taboo.

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