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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Star Trek RPF
Scope/Focus: RPF fandom from both the original series (TOS) and the reboot movie.
Date(s): 1966 to present
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Star Trek RPF is the fandom for RPF (Real Person Fiction) - although reboot fans more commonly use the alternative RPS (Real Person Slash) - which centers around the lives of the actors from both the original series and the reboot movie.

Fandom Pairings

While RPF in Star Trek TOS mostly centered on Shatner/Nimoy (fondly known as Shatnoy) and has been around as long as TOS slash, it has been a largely niche section of Star Trek slash fandom that remained underground until the early 2000s. [1][2] The fandom has its basis in the very close friendship shared by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, that has spanned more than 40 years.[3]

It was with the release of the reboot movie that Star Trek RPF really took off[4]. The most popular pairing is, by far, Pine/Quinto (widely known by their portmanteau Pinto), who are the RPS counterpart of the very popular reboot Kirk/Spock[5][6].

The popularity of Pinto is likely fueled by the fact that Quinto has gone on record as saying that he and Pine have become close off-camera[7]. This is attested by the fact that the pair have been seen socializing together both in Los Angeles [8] and New York [9][10]. Further speculation by Pinto fans dwells on the fact that both actors live near each other in the same neighborhood of Los Angeles[11][12] and neither actor appears to have a partner - all the women linked to Pine since the release of the movie have been transient and Quinto was widely rumored to be gay[13] (publicly supporting gay rights[14], and in October 2011, Quinto officially came out as gay[15]).

While less common, other favored RPS pairings continue to include Shatner/Nimoy, as well as Urban/Yelchin and Pine/Urban. Given the enormous popularity of the Kirk/McCoy pairing in reboot fandom -- in no small part due the fans' admiration of the actors themselves -- the RPS fandom for the two actors is surprisingly far less widely supported. Possible reasons may be that Karl Urban is married with children, and also when not filming, continues to live in his native New Zealand.

Very few threesome stories have been written -- the most popular is Pine/Urban/Quinto.[16].

Het stories that include Zoe Saldana are exceedingly rare.[17]


In a curious twist, there have been a number of RPF AU stories written in reboot fandom, in which the actors are placed in different settings, leading different lives, but are still recognizable as far as their public persona allows[18][19][20]. This is distinct from one particular genre of reboot AU stories in which members of the crew are removed from the Star Trek universe and placed in a contemporary setting, leading 'normal' -- and for Spock, human -- lives[21].

Fandom Communities


Notable Fanworks


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