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Name: Jenny Dolfen
Alias(es): Gold-Seven
Type: fan artist, fan writer, roleplayer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Tolkien, Star Wars, Heroes, A Song of Ice and Fire, Inkheart, etc.
Communities: (art site)
URL: website / blog / deviantArt / Epilogue
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Jenny Dolfen is best known as a fan artist who has created art for various fandoms, including Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. She also illustrates art for her own in-progress historical fantasy novel, The Rhyddion Chronicles.

Gold Seven, her website name and occasional pseudonym, comes from a character she played in a Star Wars RPG:

"Gold Seven is the callsign of Captain Samica Trey, a character I once played in a long-running Star Wars campaign. She was a Y-wing pilot flying for Gold Squadron. She's one of my most favourite characters ever, and I set up most of all my internet stuff (forum memberships, my website) during a time when I still played her."[1]

Exemplary Fanart


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