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This help page provides instructions and suggestions for how to create, organize and develop articles about people.

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Fanlore includes articles about real people who are of interest to fandom. People pages frequently focus on an author, an actor, an academic, or a fan.

People pages are different from user pages. Anyone who creates an account on the Fanlore wiki can also create a user page for themselves, but some wiki contributors may also have a people page written about them.

For instructions on creating your user page, see the tutorial.


Whom can I add?

The People category includes several subcategories, of which Academia, Commentators, Fans, and Industry represent the main types of individuals you might create a people page for: television producers, actors, musicians and bandmembers, professional authors, academics who study fandom, journalists and other commentators who write about fandom, and the fans themselves. These individuals could have a positive, ambivalent, or antagonistic relationship with fandom, but they each have a significant connection to fandom.

You can even add yourself (but remember that other wiki contributors will edit you).

A useful guideline to follow when deciding whether to add a page for a person to the wiki is to see if any existing articles mention the person or if there are any red links to the person. However, this guideline may not be as useful for fandoms that don't yet have much of a presence on Fanlore. See also this discussion.

Before starting a fan page, be sure to check out Fanlore's Identity Protection policy.

How do I name the page?

In general, the name of the page should be the full name of the person. However, for fans, the name of the page should be the person's fan name, which may or may not be a pseudonym. See Fanlore's pre-1995 fan naming policy for how to represent fans who used their full names (especially in print media) before privacy on the Internet became a serious issue.

See also

Disambiguating fans

Because every page on the wiki needs a unique title, fans with common names may need to be disambiguated in one of the following ways:

Which templates and categories should I use?

For a person who is not a fan, use the person template. The template will automatically add the People category to your page.

For a fan, use the fan template. The template will automatically add the Fan category to your page.

For a person who is a fan, but also has other roles of interest to fandom (e.g. author or academic), choose the template that reflects the majority of the content on the page. For example, if the page focuses on an acafan's academic writing, use the Person template.

Depending on the person's affiliation, you may need to add an additional category:

Occasionally, you may have to add the Deceased category to a fan page.

Fannish collectives have their own template.

See also Help:Template Guidelines and Help:Categorising Guidelines.

How do I sort by last name?

Articles about people whose first and last names are given should appear in the category list in alphabetical order by last name. Copy {{DEFAULTSORT:Last Name, First Name}} and paste it into the edit box, replacing Last Name, First Name with the actual last and first name given in the page title. If the person's name (and consequently the page title) is already in the format Family Name Given Name, there is no need to add DEFAULTSORT.

Articles in the fan category should not be sorted by last name because so many fan names are pseudonyms, and it can be difficult to figure out what is and is not intended to be a surname or family name.

What content should I add?

Depends on the person. As a rule of thumb, the focus should be on their connection to fandom and not on a general biography (except for biographical details that are relevant to fandom).

to author/creator pages?

to academics and other commentator pages?

  • bibliography of works that comment on fandom, with links if they're available online, or just the ones most well known
  • their view of fandom
  • fandom's view(s) of their view

to fan pages?

  • which fandoms they were active in and when
  • what fanworks they are known for
  • recurring styles, themes, or techniques in their fanworks
  • if they had a frequent co-writer/vidder/collaborator
  • what communities/forums they were active in or moderated
  • if they ran conventions, challenges, archives, etc.
  • anything else relevant to their fannish history

What about authors who are also fandoms?

How should people who are also RPF characters be handled?

RPF information and real-life information can both be included on these pages. See Help:Character pages and Help:RPF pages for more on how to handle RPF characters.


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