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This help page provides instructions for how to create, organize and develop articles about RPF fandoms.

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RPF fandoms focus on "real" people such as actors, musicians, sports players, pundits, politicians, or historical figures.

To create an RPF page, see also Help:Starting a new page and Help:Naming Conventions.

Note: Actor-based fandoms such as Canada fandom or Kiefer/Lou are not RPF fandoms, even though they are organized around real people, if the fan activity is about the fictional characters that the actors play rather than the actors themselves.


Fandom pages

Since real people can be involved in more than one endeavor, there is a lot of overlap in RPF fandoms. The fandom can be defined by a particular project (Lotrips is made up of the cast of The Lord of the Rings) or by the persons involved (Christian Kane). You might find, for example, that you need to create a separate page for Adam Lambert, American Idol and Glam RPF.

Depending on the fandom, you may want to use the RPF fandom template or the Person template.

See Help:Fandoms By Source Text for more help on fandom pages.


Add the Celebrities & Real People category, plus the appropriate subcategory, to the main fandom page. For example, The Phantom Menace RPS should be categorized under Celebrities & Real People and Actor RPF.

The fandom page should also get a fandom category. Some RPF fandoms, like Star Trek RPF, are closely tied to an FPF fandom, so these can get the same category (especially if there are only a few wiki pages about the RPF). For example, Merlin RPF gets the Merlin category. In contrast, J2 has its own category.


The real people that are the subjects of RPF fandoms can appear as "characters" in RPF fanworks. A wiki page about Billy Boyd might include information about his various music and acting projects, as well as his appearances in fanfiction. Use the person template on pages about individual RPF characters.

Because RPF fandoms can be defined by individuals as well as projects, the character page can also get the appropriate Celebrities & Real People subcategory. For example, Ewan McGregor would be categorized under Actor RPF.

See Help:Characters and Help:People pages for more.


See Help:Relationship pages.

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