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Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Alternative name(s): G/B
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Prevalence: large subfandom
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Garak/Bashir is the main slash pairing in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom. As with any ensemble, favorite characters and pairings were varied, but the subfandom for slash with Julian Bashir (played by Alexander Siddig) and Elim Garak (Andrew Robinson) was quite large, and remains active as of 2012.

Bashir was first presented as an eager and naive young Federation doctor assigned as the chief medical officer of the station. The mysterious Garak, the Cardassian tailor on the station who may be a spy, introduces himself to Bashir in the first episode as "plain and simple Garak," though he is obviously anything but. Their relationship throughout the series changes, but seems the main touchpoint for Garak until the finale.

The onscreen relationship between the two characters was most intense during the first two seasons of the show, but cooled off considerably afterwards. Andrew Robinson stated in an interview that he played Garak as neither gay nor straight, but "inclusive". Of Garak's sexuality, he elaborated, "I loved the man's absolute fearlessness about presenting himself to an attractive human being. The fact that the attractive human being is a man (Bashir) doesn't make any difference to him". Robinson said this portrayal was later toned down due to a lack of writer support.[1]

Fan Perspectives

Blossom Morphine writes:

What made me and thousands of others think that these two belong together? For all purposes, they couldn't be more unalike. One upholds the enlightened and open principles of the Federation and has dedicated his life to healing. The other moves in a world of political intrigue, assassinations, and had made a reputation for literally breaking people into submission by merely looking at them. However, upon meeting, there is an instant attraction. ... They are mentor and apprentice, foes and friends, and many suspected more. In every encounter, there is a touch that lasts too long, a glance that holds more than friendliness, and deeper meanings in what they say.[2]

Regann considers Bashir's secretiveness about his genetically enhanced nature makes the couple ideally suited:

Garak and Bashir share something that, I think, makes them compatible for each other, something that gives them a unique basis for understanding one another and, ultimately, plays a huge role in why I think they are right for each other. / Garak and Bashir are kindred spirits from the beginning because they are both men who have built their lives -- and their selves -- on a core of deception.[3]


Garak/Bashir fanfiction takes many forms -- from drabbles to novels, from fluff to darkfic often involving Garak's history as a torturer, and from flirting not much more direct than canon to explicit erotica which explores Cardassian sexuality.

Well-known G/B writers include Ainzfern, Arcady, BGM (aka bgmanic), JA Chapman (aka JA Ingram), Karen Colohan (aka Yavanna), crowdog66 (aka prairiecrow), dilly (aka babel), Terri Drummonds, Elizabeth Helena, Karmen Ghia, The Hoyden, Invicta, Lady Drace, Olivia Monteith, Mosca, mrs260, Plaid Adder, Prelocandkanar, Kathryn Ramage, Regann and many others.

Example Fanfiction

Fanfiction Recommendations

Garak & Bashir on cover of Tarkalean Tea by TACS



Personal sites

Most of these have gone to the wall over the years, but some remain up, including:

Now offline:

  • Dekara Central (fan art by BGM)


On livejournal

  • doctor-tailor -- for Any and all fanworks which deal with, focus on, even reference the relationship (canon, fanon, platonic, romantic, whatever your cup of tea may be) between Garak and Bashir.[4]
  • cardassian-lust -- Cardassian-centric LJ comm with substantial Garak/Bashir presence

On Yahoo Groups

  • Garak/Bashir -- an adult list for discussion of Garak/Bashir fiction, on-screen interaction and the characters of Garak and Bashir.[5]



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